clint + kayla

I'm loving this fall light! And the colors? Oh, my... AMAZING! A typical West Texas Autumn lasts only a couple of days. The trees turn yellow, the temp drops and then the leaves do too. But we had AWESOME color and trees yesterday, and yes, the temp did drop! Over 8 degrees during out shoot.

This is Kalya and Clint and they are getting married next year, in January, and I get to photograph the celebration. I'm so excited to be working with this couple! For one, they are total "eye candy" for my lens, and for two, they are both cool and creative and I love creative souls. They feed my soul.

You can read Kayla's blog here.

We didn't have to go far to get some amazing pictures, and Clint is a total goof ball in such an endearing way that I really could have photographed the two of them all day! But alas, our fingers, lips, and I'm sure bottoms after sitting on those railroad tracks were cold and we called it a night.

Thanks you two! I had an awesome time! Have a great Thanksgiving, and Clint? Your profile pic is being uploaded to facebook later today. I'll tag ya!