kate turns 5!

Yesterday was Kate's 5th birthday. I can't believe she is 5! I was lucky that it fell on my day, Wednesday. Dalton asked me yesterday why I liked Wednesdays. Every time we get into the car from school I say, "Boy. I LOVE Wednesdays.". I've been waiting for him to ask, and yesterday he did. I got to tell him that is my favorite day of the week, because it's the day I get to see them. He did that cute, little awkward, embarrassed smile he does so well. Too cute!

Well, my girls were out of school early, so we all went to pick Kate up at Mrs. Atwood's class, camera in hand, AND a really cool Hello Kitty Balloon. It was so much fun seeing how excited Kate was that she was having a birthday. She's such a little charmer!

Dana King, a very good friend of Elizabeth (kate's mom), brought the cookies. You can see a shot of the cute cookies in a sec. I was too busy photographing Kate's school room for the Austin Folk. They are all coming this weekend for Kate's official B-day party.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, as I'm an image driving person. I have this picture in my head of Kate when she was born, that is film. If I can dig through my pictures and find it, I will share it here. We were talking about her BIRTH day the other day and I mentioned when I came to see her in the hospital, she was so tiny and quiet and had hardly any hair. She then replied, "you were alive when I was born?" I know she meant to say, "there" instead of "alive", but for one brief second, I felt young.


Class room bird, Sunny.