Grey's, the Heart of the Matter

if you haven't watched Grey's, then don't read this post!!!!!!

I'm typing and discussing this week's episode VIRTUALLY, meaning I'm typing, discussing, sharing my thoughts as I watch. LOVE this macbook!

Ok, what's up with the "previously on grey's" showing the kiss between Alex and Izzie? Hello! That was forever ago! Makes you think about why they are showing that scene though. I wonder if they will inter-twine all episode and Alex will become her friend and priest, because Izzie is all about dumping her soul to folks. I mean, how else did a rich millionaire fall in love with her? But you know, if she does confess the affair to Alex, will he take it well? Will he too treat Izzie like a hurt puppy and make her feel like the world is going to be OK? Or will he be angry and hurt and just plain jealous cuz the last time they were in the supply closet, NOTHING HAPPENED, you big jerk. (I'm still mad at him for the elevator scene last week.) Sure Callie and Izzie are "tearing down", but I seriously think Alex wants George in the ring and he's insanely jealous. Not sure why, maybe because George has the sweetheart role down for all sexy women on the show, or maybe because he wants to be cool intern instead of Jerk Guy in Elevator. Let's watch and find out. You know though, with all the talk of fights and action and confession, they seriously should have titled this episode, "Hit me with your Best Shot". LOL

You made a mistake, but we took vows, so she forgives him? Oh, my gosh! I honestly think Callie is on drugs! Why esle is she being so complacent? Kick his ass, girl! Or at least kick him to the curb, or here's a thought, why not admit your insecurities with your rich father/upbringing and realize that you shouldn't have let the grieving dude talk you into getting married just because you wanted someone to love you. Or how about NOT marrying him and just continue to let him break your vajayjay instead. That was so much more entertaining to watch then you sitting there comatose on the bed saying you forgive him. Girl? Where's that Latino heritage? JLo wouldn't just sit there if someone "Tim McGrawed" her hubby, Marc Anthony's crotch during a concert. The girl would TEAR DOWN! She's would be all over her, ripping her hair out, digging in the stilletos. The girl would fight.


I think the woman seriously needs to move out the hotel and into the basement again. geez....Bailey's going to have to kick her ass before the episode is over.

Going away for the weekend, hmmm...48 hours of un-interrupted sex. What dirty, horny doctors Seattle has. McDreamied is now a verb, thanks to Christina. How cool is that? And how come when I ride in elevators nothing exciting happens? I don't get offers like that. No McDreamy's in my elevator rides.

Damn right she's the new Natzi. Christina is so going to use the pain from Burke's dumping to become the BEST Doctor ever. And I'm sure she's thinking a bit about what Mama Burke said during their conversation. But do Natzi's teach just because they are in a teaching hospital?

Worlds Oldest Intern, (WOI), Norm. I love him. He's bringing in the over 60 demograph, huh? Now when I discuss the show with the generation older than me they just might understand what I'm talking about. They will watch because of Norm. LOL

George running around, which I love, but did you notice the Timbuk 2 bag? way cool What does he carry in there? His clothes from sleeping with Izzie? Oh, and talk about karma. The dude cheats on his wife, and then runs into a supply cart, racking himself. LOL

Cute new haircut by Izzie, but didn't do her any good with Miss Callie did it. She still said...

be there

It's a GIRL FIGHT! LOL They are going to duke it out and my money is on Callie! LOL That is if she can grow her spine.

Lexi and Christina. Christina is fighting the fight for Mere. Yep. Neither one like her. She's dealing with the aftermath of their cute discussion last week, and is Derek really out to teach here? Or is he using Lexi to get to know how Meredith's ticks? Because dude, that will so not work with your dysfunctional woman. Why are you becoming such good friends with the Other Grey?

The Norman, WOI is cracking me up with all his references. Trying to be cool, I bet he even reads, he covered Grey's entire 3 seasons of vocabulary, "focus on the medicine", Meredith says to him. Lifk she really needs to do that herself. They told the wrong person she was dying and then LOST her when the realized it.

The storyline with the work-out junkie who broke her ankle, wicked. She lost 40 pounds to move in with him. Yeah, there's a great guy for you. I love Bailey's comment about "how romantic", and then his need to defend himself. Yeah, dude, give it up. Just like the smoking. It's Bailey. She's treat you and before the episode is over, she will get her stab in, so hang tight for that one.

Richard's neice is back in the hospital and Izzie had to do a emergency trach. That was INTENSE. Maybe the scene shown at the beginning between her and Alex is because they are now on the Chief's neice. Hmm..insteresting. She will confess to Alex and the gang why Callie wants to "kick her ass". I'm trying to remember if anyone even knows they slept together. Does anyone know? I'm thinking NOT.

Lexi is getting so courageous and her telling Christina she's NOT 3, it's either Grey or Lexi. Very brave standing up for herself. Guess Derek's support is helping.

YES! She confesses the Alex! She told him. Izzie told Alex she slept with George. She's a terrible person and is going to take one punch from Callie because she deserves it. LOL But wants Alex to get Callie off of her in case she's dying. I love that. And how does he react? Of course, like a total jerk and takes it personally. But that's OK. This may be what Izzie needs to realize that this is not about her.

Every episode makes me cry, which is why I'm convinced it is such a great show. First cry tonight? When Camille, Chief's niece remarks, "please don't be my doctor right now, be my uncle. I want to go home." Oh, gosh...rippin of the heart. Wonder if I shall cry again this episode?

Lexi grabbed his hand, (football dude) cuz she's the emotional opposite of Mere and it's causing hell for Christina. Derek doesn't think she's teaching very well, and removes her off the case. Wow. Maybe they did more than flirt at the bar?

I'm not sure how I feel about Adelle wanting the Chief to "save our baby girl?" Yes, she lost a baby and she's very emotional I'm sure, but come on woman! The girl has been sick for quite some time and it's very hard to fight this. Quality of life instead of Quantity of life. Our family knows about that lately.

Lexi Grey is a good girl. She's very sweet.

Those are words just uttered by Norm to Christina. WRONG thing to say! Way wrong! Pissed her off. And where is he going? or where did he go? And if on Private Practise they can zoom over to client's homes all the time and save them from fertilizer, can't Norm drive his Buick Town Car to the lady's house (they mistakenly told was dying) and make sure she hasn't gassed the place?

"Selfish and competitive. I kick ass." She thinks being selfish is a good thing. Maybe so, but then don't teach. You can't teach and be selfish. But I love Yang. She's my fav right now. Meredith is too, but only because Derek loves her. And according to Mark, he thinks thats the only reason she made it out of being an intern is because Derek loves her. You read that implication, right? And he has a right to be a little upset, after all, she lost his patient.

"What are you fighting about? Whatever it is, it's not worth it." Yes, Alex says this or something similar to this several times. The dude has no S.A. vocabulary and it's just plain sad. Who's writing for him? And I love how George is running, physically, the entire episode! From the beginning, trying to find cute haired Izzie, to running to get to the cafeteria and arriving late. He's late, every time he runs. Hm, what analogy are the creators wanting us to grasp? Running from life and still coming up short? Ahhh.... what a light bulb moment. We get it.

It's now time for the fight. I'm loving the drums and soundtrack during the confrontation. The "hey heys are superb! Everyone's watching! I love it! Poor patients as every single bedpan employee of Seattle Grace is in the cafeteria at the SAME TIME. Hello! There are people dying somewhere and they want to watch a girl fight. Well, I do, too! LOL

I wanted to talk? Those were the words? Geez? Come on, Callie! Grow a spine. You know how to operate on one. I can't believe they didn't fight!? Wait, maybe I can. Maybe Callie needs to talk to her and say things because I think I figured out why she doesn't have a spine this episode, SHE's PREGGO! You think? I'll un hit the pause button and find out. (I've been writing during the commercials.)

The severity of what Izzie has done, broken the marriage vow, slept with a married man, hit her in that one moment in the cafeteria. She now realizes the severity of her actions and what she has done.

The stupid girl killing herself for her boyfriend is bleeding and they are operating on her. Baily is operating on her. She ROCKS! "People just want to be loved", is so true. George was hurting, after his Dad died, he wanted to be loved, feel loved so he married Callie.

Derek, Christina and Lexi are operating on the paralyzed guy and Derek is such a stud that with his INTENSE eyes, he turns Christina into a gracious giving teacher. Yes! Christina taught THREE!

And Norman drove the Buick and went and found the lost, non-dying patient. Get this, because they told her she was dying, she did the following and is happy and giddy telling them about it:
  • quit her job
  • dumped her loser boyfriend
  • one way ticket to Iceland

And because they corrected their initial consultation and told her in fact, she's NOT dying, she's now crying, annoyingly, I might add, over this:
  • quit her job
  • dumper her boyfriend
  • gave up her apartment that had good parking
Life is good in Seattle, huh? Maybe Norm shouldn't have found her? Although, now that Dr. Grey is screaming at him, he approves.

Callie gave the news to Ruthi's boyfriend. He's smoking, and apparetly never quit and really wanted a HOT girl, so it's his fault, right? His fault that Ruthie died. And she totally grows her spine right there on the spot. But she still can't confess the pregnancy, if there is one. She doesn't tell Bailey what is bugging her and the way Bailey asked her one last time, what is wrong with her, I'm guessin since she didn't? Bailey is going to talk to the Chief. Yep. She's talking. One thing to note here, Callie's words of "you don't hurt someone you love". Sure you do! Love hurts all the time. Suffering is part of life, and if you didn't have suffering, you wouldn't know love. But the spine is grown and she definitely changed my mind about the fight scene. When she told Izzie "don't you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorish bitch." LOVED it. And her girl power speech about "you did this to a Woman", right on!

I haven't cried again yet, but the scene with Camille and her Uncle was wonderful. That girl, whoever she is was a most excellent actress and I just loved it. She cried.

I'm loving the Alex and Izzie part. I've always said from season one, that I wanted them to get back together. To have a relationship. They are two of the hottest together, but apart, I don't like them so much. They both are so immature and need each other to teach life's tough lessons. And with him coming into her room at the end and handing her the kleenex, he just redeemed himself for the stupid stunt in the elevator last week. He's the bad boy we stupid women are all attracted to, yet he's growing a soul. I like this story line alot. I love that he mentioned the "torch for Denny" and held her accountable for turning him down. He's carried a torch for her and maybe that's wy he couldn't commit to Ava.

Question for any medical blog readers out there, what does it mean when a person "gets written up"? Norman and Meredith are getting written up by Mark for the mistake they made. Apparently, annoyingly cry baby is happy because Seattle Grace is purchasing her a house, and very NICE house. So, she doesn't really need the job or boyfriend or parking. LOL

I have to laugh because HELLO! Someone mistakenly tell me I'm dying and buy me a house! I could really use one after the emotional "i live in white trash" outburst I had last night. LOL But seriously, I've read the real estate section when I was in Seattle this month and I know how much a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in that community costs. It's pricey baby! So, when Meredith and Norm get written up, what exactly happens? They just tack that onto their student loans? The hospital doesn't pay them until they pay off the house?

So, is Adell leaving him for good because of her grief from losing not only the baby she never told him about, but also her niece. Geez... I'm not sure I want them to follow this storyline.

And George and Callie haven't resolved this confession. She's just standing in the rain, he is standing there also, she goes back to the hotel, turns out the light and just sits there. No baby confession? Please, please don't tell me you are going to kill yourself or something. Did the spine you grew on smoking dude just melt from the rain? Come on, Callie! I'm rooting for you! Dance in you underwear, baby and be Happy!

And Derek said some powerful, I'm not having sex with you all weekend, words. Meredith thinks he's friends with Lexi and is wondering what they talk about. This starts the entire part of the episode where I cry again.

I want to marry you.
I want to have kids with you.
I want to build a house,
settle down
grow old with you.
I want to live until I'm 110 and die in your arms. (your dry, wrinkly, flabby, arms, but yeah...there.)
I don't want 48 uninterrupted hours,
I want a lifetime.


and what does Meredith do? Say?

She squirms.

He understands, and then proceeds to use Mark's words for his non-proposal.

He understands, you are just getting started. Deep down, you are still an intern and you are not ready, Things can't stay the way there are. He doesn't want to have HOT sex in elevators or supply closets. Maybe you will be ready someday, and he will wait. He will wait for her.

Wait. When you "wait", can you have HOT sex in elevators?

Oh, but get this. What if while I'm waiting, I meet someone who is ready to give me what I want from you. In other words, if Lexi keeps listening, to him, and smiles with her pretty, glowy, I'm bright, skin, he will just paste Mereidth's face onto her head, right? And marry her? I think his proposal turned into a threat. In other words, Meredith, GROW UP QUICK or you will lose you elevator sex and we all know the world could use more of that.

I mean come on, Derek! You know you fell in love with her because she is dark and twisty and you lived a completely easy, I'm the only boy among the sisters, spoiled rotten WASPY life. You like the bad girls. Addison cheated on you, but that's exactly what you needed to break out of your crisp, white mold.

Come on, Derek. You need her.

Oh, and then because Lexi is bright and shiny, she thanks Christina for showing her how to suction the blood to find the internal, part that she needs to clamp, sew, etc, to save football dude. She thanks her, and I loved Christina's reply...

"That's my job 3."

Until next week..