the gallanos family

This is McKinley. She's absolutely the most precious thing I've photographed all week! Well, maybe the 2nd most precious, as I did point the lens at my children a couple of times. So, yeah, the 2nd most precious for sure!

I photographed Emilie and Chris's wedding in 2004 and we've been trying to get together and photograph their newest addition for quite some time. I've been busy, they've been busy.

In fact, Chris is the paster for Experience Life. I have yet to hear him preach but I have heard him marry couples! LOL

Anyway, I just had to share some of my many favs from out time together. This little girl is just so cute! (you two are too, but golly...hard to outshine her!)

Okay, I love this series! Just check out the look on McKinley's face. She's thinking, my parents are so goofy!

I love photographing "littles" at their home so they can get used to me in their surroundings. That way, when we do go places like "the park", they already know me and don't get the stranger anxiety that many Littles can get.

Cutest photo EVER! She's like waving at me thinking, "Don't mess with them, they do this all the time". LOL