emily + phil (the wedding)

You couldn't have asked for a prettier day. Perhaps a bit less wind would have been nice, but clear blue skies? My favorite.

Emily and Phil wedding was yesterday and I had a fabulous time photographing them! Toni Daniel came to help and we had a fabulous time. I don't have many photographs to share of the guys at this point. Maybe later. She still has those files, but I still have lovely ones to share of what I took. So, without further ado..

We started the day out at Emily's Dad's Farm with a little dove hunting and lots of good fun and food.

The ceremony was held at First Baptist Church. Great place for a wedding, however, (stepping up on my soap box here), it's a drag for a photographer like me when I'm limited to the BACK of church for photographs. UGH...I HATE this. I understand it, and oblige by the rules, but geez....church ladies? Please understand that it is my goal to remain as unobtrusive as possible and I would NEVER in a million years crawl around all over the altar to photograph a ceremony. But it would be so nice if instead of guests photographing the ceremony with crappy cell phones and horrible direct flash, if they would trust us to do the job, by allowing us a bit more freedom than the balcony or 4 pews from the back. I hate that I can't get the close up shots of the couple's faces and really capture that moment for them, FOREVER.

But I obliged by the rules and still managed to get some decent ceremony shots. Just a shame really, that some photographers before, ruined it for the rest of us.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blogging. LOL

What a rock!

I loved the lights in this one.

Right after putting on her dress. So cool!

My favorite yummy lighting! Doesn't she look amazing!

I snapped this one as we were off to take photos of the maids and bride. LOVE it!

First Baptist this time of day is filled with warm glows and we took advantage of that with a few quick portraits.

Emily ROCKING the dress!

Adorable flower girls!

Chris Collum of FLOWERLAND did the amazing flowers!

Emily and her sisters.

Okay, before the ceremony we had some down time in the bride's room and had a discussion about appropriate ages of men and things. It was such a fun time and I won't go into the details of the discussion, but I loved the images it produced!

Love this one of Emily and her dad before their turn down the aisle!

First dance.

I've photographed in the Petroleum Club before, but I've never seen a bride do this before! I LOVED the feel of the ball room! So much fun!

I had to include a shot of Laura and Jason, one of my couples for 2008. Very cute!

Okay, I have to say this because I'm hoping it will get a few comments from all the Midland Folks that might read this blog. What is up with the men and their nipples? Anyone? Or is this a Will Ferrel SNL sort of thing and it has nothing to do with Midland? But seriously, I bet Toni and I were flahsed at least 3-4 times Saturday! It must be the camera and their need to be famous. Right?

Thanks you two! You can see the rest of your sneak peek by clicking HERE.