We landed yesterday back in Lubbock at 2:20 PM and even though it was sad for the "mini vacation/birthday celebration" to be over, it was good to be back in Lubbock. I have so much to do and catch up on this week! But I wanted to share my "favs from Seattle", so here I am, BRINGING IT ON!

I took photos with the iphone and my 5d. I was very impressed with the iphone and just love the idea of touting one electronic on walks and such. See if you can pick them out, as obviously the first one, is iphone of us on the plane.

Steph was nursing some major sinus trouble this weekend. It didn't keep her from keeping up with the flow of the trip at all, but I'm sure it was miserable for her a time or two.

We watched some episodes from Season 3, Grey's to prepare for the season opener.

I think the thing I love most about Seattle or any major city, is the architecture of the buildings and just the access of the city itself. Not all are laid out as nicely as we had it, but we could literally find anything we needed (except Target) in just a city mile. Seriously.

Seattle is a port city and that means, seafood and LOTS of boats.

But here's why we were here! Yep! Mc Dreamy himself!

All the moisture in the air yields amazing flowers EVERYWHERE!

We spent most of the weekend WALKING everywhere! Obviously this is a shot taken of the first day of walking, because I never took another like this again, i don't think. Probably because of all the heavy breathing fogging up my lens. LOL Talk about staying in shape! Maybe this is why most of Seattle is looking good and fit.

We found a little antique shop right by the dock so we went in and looked around. Very cool.

The Public Market is just nearby and I took quite a few photos of all the colors and sites there. LOVED the public market and how you could literally (except for underwear) find everything you need.

The original Starbucks. Yep. But there's another coffee shop in town called Seattle's Best, and you know what? I like theirs better! You could find a Starbucks every 60 feet, but I LOVED the coffee from Seattle's Best.

My Dad and Stepmom called while we were on the plane, and I know this could NEVER happen EVER unless we planned it ahead of time, but he was in town (he lives in KY) for the Washington USC game and we actually got to see them! How cool is that! new favorite coffee cup, courtesy of Julie and Stephanie. How fun!

This is a MONKFISH. I know, very gross and ugly creature. He lives on the bottom of the ocean, or at least in the vicinity because the dude eats lobster full time. I took this photo AFTER I dined on his brother at Brooklyn's. Monnkfish tastes wonderful, as you can imagine based on his diet. But seriously. If I had seen this before, I'm not sure I would have ordered him. LOL

Stephanie has a slew of images in her camera too. After I get a disc, I'll try and post some more. IN the meantime, BACK TO WORK!

Thanks, Stephanie and Julie for doing this with me. I had so much fun!