lonestar season opener

This is Mercedez and Kalyn. They have been friends for almost 1/2 their lives and the 16th was Mercedez's 14th Birthday! YEAH! I was so glad we ran into them and got to give them hugs and visit and catch up on their lives. That's one of the best parts about soccer is the friendships you make and keep through the years.

Kalyn's team had their season opener yesterday against the "Baby Lonestars", which I keep saying we can't call them that anymore and need to refer to them as Lonestar 95. (Kalyn's team is Lonestar 94). It was a great game! And for a season opener, the girls did GREAT! Sure, there were mistakes made, but hey, life is full of them, and it's how you handle the mistakes and the learning that comes with them, that builds character and GREAT teams.

Way to go Lonestar!

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