I've been tagged!

Scott Neumyer tagged me. I have to list 8 things you may not know about me. Which is going to be extremely hard since I gab constantly on this blog and my website. Hmm....

1. I bite my nails. Nasty, horrible habit that I'm so ashamed of, and have tried to quit and once did for several years, but started once again. I love pretty nails and those that have them I envy like the dickens. I want them, too. But natural. I did the "fake nail" scene and would sit at the computer and bite those off too. Geez...

2. I hate having a bum ankle and the fact that I can't take back the accident. It would be nice to be able to wear heels. And not that I would, but knowing I can't sucks terribly. My ankle is hugely unattractive and it's just a crying shame. I'm happy I have my foot, don't get me wrong, but at weddings, when all the girls are dancing in those cute heels and the legs look cut from the wearing of the cute heels, I get all crazy and quietly, silently get mad. grrr...

3. I was a preschool teacher and a damn good one. I know how to play all kinds of rhymes and finger games on my fingers and can keep a group of threes occupied for a good part of the day. I love kids! Even my own.

4. I'm a MOVIE FREAK, and would do nothing but sit on my couch and watch movies ALL day, but I'm secretly afraid to nurse my couch potato gene, due to feeling incredible amounts of guilt at all the things that need to be done. AND I own a VIDEO STORE! How stupid is this? I have tons of movies available to me to watch, FREE OF CHARGE. Geez...once a week I should sit down and watch a movie! I mean I buy 100's for the store each month, yet I feel guilty if I ake the time. It must be the Catholic in me. LOL

5. I get tired of floral patterns or any patterns for that matter very easily. And because of this, you will hardly ever see me in a printed shirt or outfit. I'm mostly a solid color girl. I detest wall paper and almost all of the walls in my house are white. I see pretty homes and papers and love what my friends/clients have done, but just can't do it in my own. I'm the same way with logos for my business and website/blog colors and fonts. Like you didn't know that one! LOL

6. I have a "thing" for handbags. A horrible, "I really can't afford that, my girls are starting college soon", kind of thing. I don't buy them all the time, but once a year or so, I will fork over some dough for something I don't need nor will carry very long. And every time I see the Garnet Hill Catalog, I have to throw it away or I will order a bag I don't need. They have the cutest BAGS!

7. I'm addicted to blogs and reading about other peoples lives and what they are doing. And not just a "few blogs" either. I have over 100 on my google reader list and I'm adding new ones all the time. It's an addiction and I'm not in denial, so don't worry. LOL

8. I can play a mean game of four square. I learned when I attended school in sunny CA. It was a good way to meet friends as playing the square was the only thing we did. I was very good at it and still to this day, think I can play. I haven't tried in ages, but who knows. Maybe I'll show up on a playground this week somewhere.

Okay, now I have to tag 8 people. I'm choosing my Cyber Sisters cuz these girls are so good at blogging and I read all their blogs and this will feed my obsession even MORE. LOL so, the following girls, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!

Kenda Davies

Emily Houchin
Stephanie Ehlers
Allyson Wall
Avery Lewis
Amy Smith
Lindsay Lewis

There, my 8 tags. I'll be reading girls, so have at it! Oh, and the pic at the top? Yep. New laptop and we were playin with photobooth over the weekend. Too funny! I will share many, many images soon!