elizabeth and daniel

Just look at that smile! That's Elizabeth. She is always such a happy person every time I see her. And her wedding day was no exception. I first met her over a year ago. Her and Daniel and I met and discussed everything they had planned about their day and how photography was so important to them.

Well, life through them a fast curve ball, because a few months later, while shopping for her amazing dress, Elizabeth discovered she was expecting! Oh, my! And was much further along than she could ever imagine. So, wedding date number one was tossed and a new date became #1 priority. Her due date.

They go married in a wonderful little ceremony back in April, (click here, I was there!) And then a few weeks later, brought Audrey into the world.

Well, Saturday they were married again, before their friends, family, priest and church in a lovely ceremony at St. Elizabeth's in Lubbock. Despite a few nerve wracking moments due to some musical madness, Elizabeth smiled TONS during the day and managed to make everyone around her smile, too.

They made Audrey a BIG part of their day! It was wedding ceremony, baptism and then a wonderful barbecue to show off the couple's new home, including many family and friends.

Over all, a great celebration! Thanks, both of you for giving me this opportunity to document all these important days in your new family. Audrey's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see you again next month!

Here's your sneak peek!

What else but a hand massage for the bride to be. This looks so good and wonderful, I was tempted to stay and get one myself to help with all those pictures I needed to take. LOL

I love detail shots and Elizabeth's veil was no exception. The edge was adorned with small beading and it added just enough weight to her blusher. Lovely. And then, Rebbecca, Elizabeth's sister had a lovely set of pearls she wore. Funny story, Rebecca's plane was extremely late arriving the night before, due to weather, but make it she did! However, her luggage? Nope. Didn't arrive until that morning. YIPES! Her bridesmaids dress was in her luggage! Talk about some stress! LOL

Elizabeth loves to talk with her hands too. So much fun and so energetic! I love to watch her talk.

Beautiful day for a wedding!

WOW! Just check out this rock! I seriously would have said YES, too. LOL

Great detail shot of the gown. She purchased this gown many moons ago and was so laid back about it this day. I want all my bride's to be totally laid back like Elizabeth.

What happened next, is why it is so great that Elizabeth is laid back. HA!

Mom carried the gown in and managed to really screw it up dirt wise on one side. Elizabeth was A-OK and just let it rolled right off of her. Mom? Worried sick, but she got it out. She was awesome! Whatever it was, she managed to rub off and you could barely notice at all. I love Mom's nervous smile here in this shot as she wonders, will it really come out?

Baby Audrey arriving to get ready! Such a cutie! You gotta love a kid with rolls, man. Rolls are great!

Oh, my gosh! How could you deny this face? Oh, wow! Talk about baby girl's wrapping their daddy's around their fingers? These lips would have me hooked in a second.

Cool Make up shot. Even putting on make up, with a camera lens inches from your pores, she produces a smile. LOL

This was about the time they were discussing the music for the celebration. I've done this shot before, but never one I've liked quite so well. Just so much fun with Elizabeth's hand motions and Daniels' thought provoking pose.

EDIT: I'm falling asleep as I journal about this wedding. I have to get some sleep! But I promise to add my thoughts tomorrow after my first cup of coffee. LOL

Lotion is important when not wearing nylons. It's important period for girls that shave, and these do.

Daniel watching the girls walk down the aisle.

Elizabeth's Dad was so calming and great. Here he is "encouraging" her down this aisle. I meant to ask Elizabeth what he said at this moment, if she will remember, because I love this shot.


a cute moment during their ceremony.

Audrey was GREAT! When she was first handed off down the aisle, she fussed a bit and then I never heard her again. We took this opportunity to fire off a few family shots just inside the church doors. I love this lighting! I call it tunnel light, but what's so pretty about it, is the way it kisses their faces.

And then...

She did AWESOME! Not a peep! And it was a great moment for everyone there, to witness this baptism right after the ceremony.

Yummy shot during the parental blessing.

Elizabeth and Daniel were kind enough, excited enough even, to give me 20 minutes of ALONE time. I LOVED THIS! I think I danced around like a little school girl for a second or two because it gave us a chance to BREATHE and take shots without being rushed.

If you are thinking about your wedding photography schedule, SCHEDULE this! Either between your ceremony and reception, or possibly after the day. SOMETIME, give you two some moments to spend as husband and wife, relaxed and enjoying each other. And then I can photograph it.

Ahh....the smell of searing meat. One of my favorites!


Instead of a wedding cake, they opted for mini cakes from Mrs. Camp's. YUM!

Originally, Elizabeth's colors were shades of red, but as the planning went underway, and babies came on board, things changed and she went with a white color scheme with shades of, what else, AUDREY PINK! So, when I saw the red tablecloths, I just had to do this shot.

Sleeping babies make the best hand models. Hello, Johnson and Johnson!

Baby stretches are the BEST!

Coca-cola, cheeseburgers and laughs! Best ingredients at a Yard Reception! LOL

Toasting time!

Okay, Elizabeth and her sister are just months apart, 11 to be exact and very close yet live physically apart from each other almost on opposite ends of the USA. (Alabama and Texas...Okay, so NOT opposite, but it makes the toast more dramatic, so deal.) Well, the front yard toasting was very impromptu and Rebecca was a bit taken off guard, but she came through with flying colors! Very heart felt and emotional and just downright perfect. I loved the unplanned speeches. Those are the BEST! But she couldn't look at Elizabeth when talking so she made her stand behind Daniel. It was the cutest thing!

Look who woke up and joined the party!

Some tossing the old pigskin to send the photographer on her way!

Thanks you two, for your warm hospitality and most of all, for your relaxed atmosphere and joy filled hearts! It was a great day and I'm so glad I go to be a part of it.

See you in a few weeks when we take the first Family Portrait!