dalton and kate (week two)

Wednesdays are quickly becoming our favorite day of the week! In fact, when Barbara (Kate and Dalton's Grammie) called to say she could get them today, as they were spending the night with her anyway, I was bummed. (Garett, their dad is gone on a trip and she's been keeping them.) I begged and pleaded and told her how disappointed the girls would be, and even threw in the inticing, "you need an afternoon off", and after some discussion, WE GOT TO KEEP THEM Again!

YEAH! We LOVE Wednesdays!

While waiting for the girls outside Cooper Jr. High, they played around in my car and I remembered how I needed to share with Elizabeth's Family how the little ones are doing. I quickly grabbed the camera I keep stashed in the back (always important for photographers on the go) and we had ourselves a mini photo session. TRANSLATION, Dalton photographed me and Kate, and then Kate photographed Dalton.

His permanent teeth made their appearance and it sure is going to change the way he looks! He's such a cutie pootie that I don't think it will matter, but golly it takes a while to grow into those things. For those readers that don't personally know, Mr. Dalton, just let me tell you how much this guy likes to "figure" things out. Oh, my! He was fiddling with everything within reach and had my sun roof mastered in 2 seconds. Do you know how long it took me to get it right? You have to feel the "drag" to know when to stop pushing our you end up opening up just the back flap part. Seriously he did it effortlessly within 2 minutes.

show off

Once Kalyn arrived, Kate was all smiles! These two are really bonding and it's such a good esteem builder for Kalyn Marie! Kate got her haircut last week while staying with the Grandbury cousins and looks so adorable! I had to share this shot from behind.

Kate loves to wash dishes. She did this last week too. I had forgotten how much they love to do this at this age. She ate her after school snack of cereal and banana and then asked me if she could wash her dishes. SURE! I'll never turn down kitchen help. And Daton? He helped me feed the dogs and we talked about guns, and how his daddy owns 13 and how his BB gun can kill dove.

yeah, I really added alot to that part of the conversation. HELLO! I so need to read up on things he is interested in so I can at least fake about my knowledge of all things that seem so "Eddie Bauer" or "LL Bean". LOL

After Dalton kicked some team's ass in Playstation College Football, (he is always the Red Raiders) they wanted to play "Freddie the Fish" which they are so good at! It's a great computer game for kids that we've had for a decade at least, but it still works. Check out the "cheesy leave us alone and let us play smiles" they had for me. Showing me the LOVE!

Okay, these are hilarious! Dalton has "teeth" until his others grow in.

Until next week!