cooper homecoming

I love that Kalyn and Summer are now to the age where they can take photographs with my camera and I don't have to feel my blood pressure rise from the nerves! LOL This weekend is Cooper Homecoming weekend and we went to the Junior High Ball Games to watch Kash and Braxton play. It was tons of fun and even managed to make it to the Fireworks Pep Rally the High School Booster Club Sponsored. It was AWESOME!

Cute, cute, mascot! She did an AWESOME Job!

Payton Hurst, shaking her spirit filled head! The 7th Grade Cheerleaders are led by my friend Kelley Ehler, and they are so good. I was very impressed and all of them were super cute! But of course, I'm partial to this one.

Kalyn and her friends. I know Rebekah, standing next to her and Danielle in the red tank top, but the rest? No idea! I'll have to have her tell me later. Geez...horrible mother I don't even recognize her friends.

Braxton and Bryce getting pumped for their game.

Standing next to Braxton is the 7th Grade B QB, who's name I don't know. Another "geez" moment, and then Mr. Ehler, Bryce's Grandpa.

9th Grade Cheerleaders. I didn't get to watch them, so I have no report. Maybe next week?

Ahhhh! Megan McGehee. Isn't she absolutely adorable!
And Hollywood! (my nickname for Drew McGehee.) LOL

This boy is destined for STARDOM! Very imaginative and not afraid to show it! I could stand around and watch Drew for hours.

Mayci, watching her bro play some f-ball.

It was a great show! I know they did this because of the construction and all, but I hope they do this always. It was a great HEART Pumping show to get everyone fired up for tonight!