cloudcroft 2007

Just look at these smiles! Sydni, Summer and Kalyn have been attending our Annual Labor Day Warriors Trip FOREVER. Well, actually, Sydni and Summer since birth, Kalyn since the age of 2. This year marked number 12 for us. And it was seriously one of the most fun trips EVER! We didn't have the normal crowd we usually do. I think we counted 29 total, and some years we've pushed 50! But it was so nice to get together with friends and just enjoy each other's presence. I had a great weekend, and despite having no cell phone coverage, nor the use of computers and internet, I stayed sane and even manged to get a bit of work done.


We stay at a place called Waterfall Lodge. It's perfect. Well, not really, but gollly, swans and mountains in the back ground? It's close. We sure could have used better breakfasts for a "bed and breakfast" lodge, but hey, we had each other, so that was enough.

My personal favorite thing to do each and every day. DRINK COFFEE! Devin was such a sweetie and brought me coffee each and every morning. I ended up on the deck most mornings just a sipping away.

The kids are the greatest! Each and every beautiful face here is a BEDNARZ. They look after, play with and basically take care of each other and have a blast doing so!

Summer and Sydni have grown up knowing each other and I just love this picture of the two of them. Cousins to the core. LOL

Keri Bednarz and Annette Jones enjoying the morning along with me.

This is Miss Mayci.

Kalyn Marie sitting on top of the Polaris. She's ready to ride.

My annual photo of Roy and Annette. I do this every year I think. I really need to expand it and photograph everyone there, but some how that doesn't totally feel like a "vacation" to me.

Kalyn and me.

Me and Keri.

Me and Summer Zoe.

This was the BEST! Every year we ride our girls. Devin rides one, me the other and we let the "drive" some of the trails, but for the most part we are there right behind them to help out and save our butts from driving off a mountain. LOL THIS year, Roy brought an extra 4 wheeler. (Jenae was back home, his daughter, winning VOLLEYBALL and we missed you so much!) So, my girls got to RIDE solo. Yep. And I was so proud of them! They didn't hot rod, not that you could on this ride, and they were very cautious, but they did so good!

Roy and his youngest, Jace.

Some of the kids dirt bike and Sydni is no exception. Very tough girl! Love this shot of her chilling on her ride.

Blaine is one of the oldest of the bunch. He's about 2 years older than Kalyn and I got some AWESOME shots of his jumping at the pit. (scroll down) We were going for a serious look here.

TROUBLE with a capital T. Check this little guy out. This is Brady, Sydni's baby brother and "K-K" worshipper. Yep, he loves everything about his older cousin, Kotton Koal Bednarz. He's on the left in this picture below.

The campfire was desperately missed last year's trip, due to all the rain. So, this year we spent TONS of time there. Everyone forgot the stuff to make smores, so the kids basically burned anything they could find instead.

Okay, very cool shot of one of the Bednarz's boys, gear. It reminds me of Robo Cop. LOL

The macbook made several appearances this weekend, with everyone playing with photo booth. I'll share the shots later and they are so funny, we laughed like 7th grade girls on a school bus! My tummy still hurts! Check back tomorrow for those shots.

This is Mayci and her baby cousin, Benjamin. (I think?)

The clan, minus Stephanie, who stayed back with Levi, who I know refer to as "Copper". He's got the cutes copper colored hair and eyes! (in the shot with all the girls and the paci)

Jase Jones and Bryce Ehlers

Okay, this is ANTM. Just check these photogenic girls out! Covered in mud and on the trail, but working that camera!

What do you get when you add 3 guys, 16 beers and a naviagational trail map?

Uh, we never found out.

This is Craig. A new addition to our group and such a great guy!

Robin and her husband Dave. Robin is Craig's sister.

Me! Yep! I was jumping the jelly! (what I refer to as my midsection.) Keri took this shot and I swear I caught some air!

I love this shot! It makes me happy!

Such a great weekend! I had so much fun with everyone and can't wait until next year!

On a "techi note"? All images shown here were with my 24 1.4. Great all purpose lens.