another BEDNARZ birthday dinner!

We are getting good at this!

Kalyn's birthday always gets lost in the Labor Day Shuffle and I hate that, but to help, we decided to have Chief, Grandma and IdaLee over for dinner to celebrate and give Kalyn her gifts. Devin cooked a mess of ribs and I trimmed it out with some yummy sides.

fresh green beans with butter sauce
corn soufle
whipped potatoes

Kalyn's choices of course. Except for the soufle, I threw that in last minute when I thought we wouldn't have enough potatoes! I can never judge that right.

The girls helped get the house in order for the party and then I found them in their rooms enjoy the clean-ness. LOL

Kalyn, however, took a nap! Which was great for her!

Okay, this laptop is so much fun. I know I said I would share some photos, and I will, soon! But this was soooo funny! Even IdaLee got in on the fun and our tummies were hurting from laughing!

Davida, Kalyn and Idalee

Kalyn and Chief

Okay, I swear I did not turn my child onto Urkel, but Urkel she has become and apparently when I'm editing away at my computer, these kids are quickly becoming obsessed with this guy! And Summer does a mean impression! Voice wise especially. So, she stayed in character the majority of the party and had everyone laughing....well, except me. That dude gets on my nerves! But it was my adorable child, so a snicker or two escaped me.

Yummy Bananas Foster Ice Cream Cake! It was sooo good! Bought at Market Street on Quaker and 98th.

Okay, after I realized all my shots were stinking pretty bad due to light, I whipped out the off camera flash and we played.

Ahhhh...something for Mommy to borrow when she flies to all those weddings! LOL

Devin and his Mom.

Ida Lee gave Kalyn dominoes and I thought this was extra special due to Kalyn's remark about "drinking Dr. Pepper and burping". Yep. Great traditions are passed down in this Bednarz Family. LOL

Birthday Girl and Dad.

Me and Summer in a self portrait attempt.

Birthday girl and worn out Mom. Geez...can someone say "make up"?

Happy Birthday, Miss Marie! I love you so.