the west texas shooting club

Tonight was so much fun! My good friend/photographer, Toni Spray went along on a "shoot out" with Lauren Clark and Sarah Huffman. Gosh, Sarah! I hope I'm spelling your name right? Speaking for myself, I had a great time! And we are planning on doing this again next month. I sure hope so.

When you shoot with other photographers, it helps validate your obsessive place in the world. There is someone out there, like you that looks and dreams of things in rectangles. Someone that loves to discuss f stops and lenses and thinks of their gear bags as "half full". LOL

We had subjects tonight. Christy Penn of Christy Penn photography and her hubby and sweet guy, Jason. They were are subjects ready to do whatever we asked and even brought along a cool vintage bike that was just darling with Christy's hat and gloves. LOVED this idea!

Of course, when you are shooting with a group of photographers, you are always scrambling for a good view, a good line of site and a chance to direct. We took turns for the most part, but essentially let Lauren do the directing. She's very good at it. Me? I played and had a blast and fed my creative soul!

Let's do it again tomorrow night, right?

Oh, and Brittany? I know you will read this at some point, and girl! You have got to do this with us! You would LOVE IT!



Okay, bless their hearts! We had them ride back and forth in front of us for like 20 minutes. Seriously...and try as I might on the "pan and scan", I never did nail the shot. I'm sure Lauren did and we will have to check her blog later for details.

Same shot, processed differently in PS. I'm not sure which one is my fav.

The FABULOUS West Texas Shooters Gang!

And Lauren with her FAB Clients!

Thanks everyone for a great night!