the rehearsal

I'm back from my wedding in Athens, and finally able to blog about Valerie and Mike's rehearsal, not to mention my "mini tour" of WI. (This is the wedding that took place on the 18th) I had so much fun hanging out with Valerie and her family that weekend! I slept in the basement, I kept referring to as the "dungeon" only because if was cold and dark, which makes the most excellent sleeping conditions. Sleep I did, too! Wow! But I definitely needed it to keep up with this bunch!

The basement/dungeon was actually a media room all tricked out with electric chairs and a HUGE screen projection system. Very cool, but we didn't have enough time to try it out. My days flew by!

We had so much fun! Kyle is a definite night owl like me and we spent one evening together, in silence with our keyboards. He's a facebooker, too! You'll have to check him out under my friends.

The rehearsal was a good run through and it was a great chance to meet everyone and get to know their faces before the BIG day. I always try and go to the rehearsals if possible. The church was very simple in design, yet had great details tucked in here and there. Now the orange and aqua color scheme was a bit difficult to work with on the white balance, but hey, Valerie hired a pro. (wink)

The flower girl, Lydia was such a doll! The priest had told the wedding attendants to NOT hold hands on the way preceding down the aisle. They are to represent the couple's singleness. But these two did. Too cute!

Jerry, Valerie's Dad is a total HOOT! He recently became Municipal Court Judge for the City of Green Bay. Correct me if I'm wrong Jerry, (which his daughter just did in an email) in the comments below and he definitely honed his public speaking skills this weekend! Apparently once you receive the appointment, you must then run a campaign for the office. So, if you are a registered voter in Jerry's area, GO VOTE FOR HIM! He's honest, fair, and best of all, FUN! I'm sure criminals need fun judges, right?


Valerie and Mike both are very good at pointing.

The two Dad's had TEXAS sized mugs at the rehearsal dinner to enjoy during the dinner, given to them as gifts from Valerie and Mike. They even had them engraved!

Valerie gave each of her attendents an adorable monogrammed bag for all their wedding day goodies! Too cute!

Sam here, he received a Packer's Hat. Way cool.

And this is Jerry's Mom and Dad. I could photograph Mr. Hanson all day if he would let me. Such character in that face!

Check back soon for the wedding sneak peek!