brittany + tyler

Great weekend!

Brittany and Tyler were married at FUMC Saturday with a reception at the Texas Tech Stadium Club. We had a great time despite some minor "mixups" and delays. I always love shooting at First Church because it's hard to take a bad photo there. LOL Makes my job easy.

I will say this. I wish they would allow the use of a shooter from the choir loft or side aisles. It's always sad that you can't get the couple's faces when they say their vows. I hate that. I always try to remain unobtrusive and definitely noninvasive when photographing during the ceremony. It's not about ME getting the shot, it's about the documenting of the sacrament. BUT, if I'm allowed access closer to the couple, then I can get those emotional moments forever, but no. Balcony and center aisle only. I console myself with the fact that it is a pretty center aisle. LOL

I met Tyler and the guys that morning at the course. I love this shot of the 4 of them just over the hill. Tyler is 2nd from the left. A great golfer, by the way. I've golfed with many guys over the years, or rather, meant to say, I've "photographed" many grooms golfing, and Tyler knows his poop, sort of speak. It's funny, the guys always tell me they golf so much better when I'm not there. Of course they do! LOL

Thomas was working the hair again. I love his work and he's amazingly fast. Seriously girls, if you want good hair, call him. He's wonderful!

So many fun moments between friends when getting ready.

Fabulous bouquet!

Fun with a mirror.

I love these dresses that all the fashionable brides are wearing! (and other girls for that matter.) The smock gowns that are so comfortable in all the pretty prints. Brittany has no idea where she's going for her honeymoon, only that it's "coastal". So she packed plenty of pretty things.

How many girls does it take to get a girl dressed?

Brittany was too cute! She would make these faces when she was "preening" in the mirror. Habit, I guess...but I loved watching her lips when she played with her veil. LOL

Yes, I was letting all the cold air out, keeping the doors propped open, and I'm sorry about that, but the lighting from the East bouncing off all the concrete outside makes for some pretty yummy shots, don't you think?

Ahh...all the lovely ladies!

And such a cute flower girl!

Okay, funny moment, but not so funny for those involved. About 10 minutes before ceremony time, someone asked for the groom's ring. This shot above is Mom explaining where it was, (in a Suburban apparently NOT at the ceremony site) and what she did to remedy the situation, (found a substitute ring from a guest.) Everyone handled it very well, I might add.

Study these two photos. I love the juxtaposition between the guys and the girls right before a ceremony. Girls? Excited! And happy, almost "glee" like waiting for their walk down the aisles.

and the guys? Just check out Andrew above. Yep. He's having fun. LOL

And then there was Brittany. Oh, gosh... she was sooooo nervous! Not about getting married. She was fine with that. But the walk down the long aisle was really causing butterflies to roam around in her tummy! Just check out that face!

Wanted to try something different for the "aisle" shot this time. I've spent a lot of time in the balcony at this church.

More of that yummy light bouncing off the concrete.

Brittany's dad, Brent is a HUGE Red RAIDER fan! Now that I think about it, most of the guests at this reception were HUGE Red Raider fans. LOL

This was a cute moment. About 2/3rds of the way through their first dance, dad stepped in.

More friends having fun.

Tyler and his Mom.

Making good use of the stadium seats to photograph the groom's family.

A tortilla exit! My first! LOL

You can view more of Brittany and Tyler's wedding sneak peek by clicking HERE. Be sure and check out Brittany's Bridal Session too. She did AWESOME! Thanks so much, you two! You were wonderful to work with, and for.