abby and andy (for emily alexander)

I 2nd shot for Dallas photographer, Emily Alexander this weekend. She had a wedding booked before she found out she was expecting, and with only a few more weeks to go, I invited myself to schlep her gear and bring her liquids. LOL

I've known Emily since 2004 when I photographed her wedding to Jonathan. We've kept in touch ever since and when she started her photography business, even more so! I love it when you click with a bride and just share the same passions. It makes you feel a bit better about your obsession. LOL

We had a great time, and I'm so bummed I did not take one photo of us together. That's so not like me. Just broke the "Eli rule" of photography, which is GET IN THE PICTURE, STUPID. Cuz when you are gone, folks will want to look back through the photos.

Abby and Andy, the bride and groom, saw each other before the ceremony, and they were just wonderful to work with, giving us tons of time to photograph the portraits. I'll share what I took, but you will have to go to Emily's blog to see the main photos.

Facebook link to Andy + Abby's album.