This was such an exhausting week! And if it was this hard one me, can you imagine how hard it was on Elizabeth's immediate family? My heart just so hurts for them.

I got through the rosary and funeral just OK. I had help from good friends, and good family. I swear though, I've driven by her grave at least a dozen times. I so want to photograph it, but just can't. It's too soon and too hard. I just miss her so much!

There have been so many of you that have commented and sent emails and have poured out your hearts to me. I thank you so much! It has been such a strength to me and to the family.

If you are reading this and knew Elizabeth, I encourage you to visit her Google Pages that the Family set up. They are working on a Book of Memories for Eli, and need your help! They want to make the books for Kate and Dalton. Please go and include your Memories, too. Just click the link below. In the meantime, enjoy these photographs from her funeral. I only managed to click a few between the tears, but it was such a neat idea for the kids to release balloons.


I also encourage you, when and if you see Kate and Dalton, to talk about Eli all you can! It's really the only way they will remember her. We have to remember her for them.

Thanks again.