krysta + toby

What a great day! Gorgeous Sky! Beautiful Church! Toby Cecil and Krysta Rinard were married on what has been determined the luckiest day of the year, 07-07-07.

I first met them moons ago when we sat down to talk about their wedding. Here is it, months later and all those plans paid off in a BIG way!

I'm very sleepy and desperately needing to rest, but first, I wanted to show off all the great photographs we made together. I had Stephanie on board last night and we met some interesting people last night, a vegan punk rocker and a fellow cingular 8125 phone dude I enjoyed talking too. Oh, and I met a new videographer in town, Melanie with I don't think the website is working just yet, but stay tuned. I think she's pretty good!

Check out Krysta's ring! OMG! Talk about your bling, bling! I would have said YES, too! Funny thing she said to me right before she turned this puppy over for it's mini-photo shoot. You know how you finally clean your ring and it shines so pretty? Well, right before she placed this in my hand, "don't touch the top". HA! I seriously don't think my thumb print would deter the shine off this baby!

We were at Thoma's place agagin. The French Salon over by the Oyster Bar across the street from the South Plain's Mall. I can never prounce the place! But I first met Thomas through Sally and Jared. Sally and Thomas work together and I've since worked with him and bridal parties quite a few times. I think he does the BEST Sexy Bridal Hair I've seen! So if you are looking for a hairstylist for your wedding, drop me a line and I will share the digits. LOL I'm used to groomsmen. Seriously I am. And sure, they all are fun and make me laugh and I just plain enjoy my time with them. I mean come on! Cute guys all dressed up and smelling nice? What girl wouldn't? But Toby's party of men? OH, my! 2 minutes into our posed shots and I was giggling like a school girl! Oh, and I so with I could remember the one I nicknamed "Baby". He was such a great kidder and general flirt! Toby's got some great friends. LOL

Check out Steph's smoking HOT shot below. LOVE it!

Krysta's HUNK of a man!

One of my favorite shots of the day! All dolled up, stepping under a spot light, fixing her viel. YUM! Add that to her curves and you have a most excellent shot for a wedding album!

She made a beautiful bride!

Krysta was so cute. She claimed she didn't know flowers, yet told her florits, Chris Collum by the way, that she LOVED shades of pink. So he created different bouquets for each maid in those shades. So, Cool!

You just gotta love it when they work with you as well as Campbell did here.

I DETEST selective coloring, but thought if ever, it worked here. When used in subtle amounts, yes. See, the lights in the bride's room at FUMC cycle, as in flourescent, so many times your images have yellow spaces of color in them. YUCH! A quick BW conversion will do the trick, however, I really wanted to show the pink in this shot.

Another YUM shot! The catacombs of First Church have windows in the basement that just barely let the light drift in. Makes for a great mood shot of the bride walking to meet her father.

Steph's shot of the processional from the balcony.

They look GREAT!

The reception was at the Texas Tech Stadium Club. Of course....Toby played for Texas Tech, so where else?

It was a great night! You can view more of their photographs by Clicking HERE.

Congratulations you two!