letterboxing, the girls, AND shirley with pat

My girls are absolutely the GREATEST! As a wedding photographer, my busy season is every summer. Of course, by law of Bednarz Nature, where what can screw up is screwed up, they have more free time than ever in the summer. So, they patiently await the mommy. I try to take them swimming once a week, make sure they get fed ever so often and basically spend some time being present in their lives daily.

So, yesterday, we decided to go Letterboxing. Have you heard of it? We first heard of it in a magazine article advertisement, from GM. Apparently, there are folks all across the country playing this online game, that really is an offroad adventure of sorts. At least for us it was.

Go to the link I listed above and get started! WE are! And it was so much fun! But first...all good adventurers need food. So, we stopped at Chick-fila.

I have a wedding in Lamesa this weekend, and they came along for the ride. I always attend the rehearsals if possible, and since there was a letterbox hid somewhere in Lamesa, the girls wanted to come along, too.

This is Kalyn walking along the path reading us the clues outloud.

Counting the step. 157 I think?

Oh, no! No box. After a few minutes of searching, it was discovered that someone had indeed stolen, misplaced, lost the letterbox of Lamesa. WE were so bummed!

But the excitment of the adventure has made us want to find the 7 hidden in the Lubbock area. And we even want to try and create our own letterbox with clues and hide it in Slaton somewhere. We shall keep you posted!

Here's my adorable couple for this weekend. Shirley and Pat found love again, in the golden years of their lives. And they are getting married today in front of family and friends. I'll be sure and post more when I get home from this celebration. In the meantime, GO LETTERBOX!