bailey + cody

Bailey Keith and Cody Breunig were married last night at Spirit Ranch in Lubbock, Texas. I've known the groom ever since his older sister, Chelsie got married in 2003. He's grown up quite a bit since then and is serving in the military. In fact, to "calm his nerves" the guys took him target shooting the morning of his big day!

It was a beautiful ceremony, in such a great location. We had a wonderful time! Cody's Mom is a scrapbooker, and I still feel like one at heart, even though I haven't scrapped in quite some time. Some day...

Brides and babies! This little cutie is Miss Adleigh, the groom's neice. Isn't she the cutest!

Cody's mom made the cake. It turned out quite lovely. YUM! Butter Pecan!

Bailey sure made a beautiful bride!

And Cody? Not too shabby himself.

Competition in the crowd! I love catching other photographers in action!

There was a great row of purple trees just a bit of a walk away. I had my eye on them since the rehearsal and they made for a great moment together after the ceremony.

They were so cute together. All day long, Cody had been telling me how awful of a dancer he was. I told him just to hold her and sway and he did. YUM!

Bailey LOVES butterflies almost as much as I LOVE first dances. These pretty little things were EVERYWHERE!

The maid of honor caught the bouquet and I absolutely ADORE this shot! How fun is this?

And when guests enjoy a dance, I do too. This is Bailey's brother dancing with a guest/relative, i think. They were so much fun!

A smoky exit with family and friends all around!

Congratulations you, two! Have a wonderful life in Germany together and remember to lean on each other in this first year of marriage. So many wonderful FRISTS to be enjoyed!

You can view the rest of Bailey and Cody's wedding photographs by clicking HERE.