kimberly + beau (it's really kimbo)

I love this shot! I've been shooting at first church since Kim's brother, Chris married Emilie. I LOVE First Church! I just noticed when typing the title for this blog post that Kimberly's lifelong nickname, Kimbo, takes on a totally different meaning now that she's married! It's the combination of their names. How cool is that!

The day started at the bride's home with a PJ breakfast for the bridesmaids. I had photographed some of this bunch back in highschool and got a kick out of seeing them again, all grown up and truly women that are living for our Lord. I love that! I love how HE works and weaves his way through all Spirits.

Lots of laughs this day! And one of my favorite moments was between Kimbo and her dad, at their home, once again, going over his roll in this grand affair. He was so cute with all his nerves and such. He was very concerned about getting the words right. "What do I say again?"

Okay, I known I've said this before, about finding the "perfect flower girl", but I swear these sweeties just keep getting cuter and cuter each wedding! Check this sweet little thing out! Those cheeks were begging to be pinched! Oh, my gosh! So, cute!

The groom reminded me of my brother-in-law, Craig. He's lanky, tall, and cute and so funny! I should have known his guys would be riots, too! They had him like this most of the day. I loved it!

This was one of my favorite moments of the day, too. I have many that set a place in my heart each wedding. Kimberly wanted to hear the worship music and stuck her head in the side door so she could hear. Dad stood between her and Beau so he wouldn't get a glimpse of her before the walk down. Just a great moment!

church, First United Methodist Church
reception, Spirit Ranch
officiator, Matt Chandler and Chris Galanos
coordinator, Katy Christy
florist, College Flowers
videographer, Shane Skeens
baker, Aunt Norries
caterer, At Your Service, Clint
bride's Attire, Meiman's, Oscar da le Renta.

What a great day! You can view more of Kimberly and Beau's wedding photographers by clicking HERE.