ginger + brett (finally...)

Ginger Thames married Brett McDowell Saturday evening at her family home. It was so much fun! I've known Ginger's Mom, Candy for quite some time now, and it was such a great day just being there to watch this happen! Not to mention that these folks really know how to host a party! Great Music, Great Food, Great Drinks! The decorations were fabulous and the guest list peppered with friendly faces!

It was so much fun!

I LOVE the composition of this shot Stephanie took! That's what is great about having a 2nd shooter. I wish I had her at every wedding.

Okay...whew! Many, many more on their online gallery including images of Ginger in her dress out at her dad's ranch. Definitely worth the click thru. CLICK HERE.

Ginger, if you are reading this, which I highly doubt since you are in Mexico on your honeymoon, I LOVED photographing you! You are my "essay" bride and I love spunk like that! (wink wink)