katherine and tim (part 2)

They did it! They got married outside, under those amazing trees, right by the lake, standing on the ground where Katherine played as a child. On the Tucker Farms, April 14, 2007. And it was cold, and windy, and cloudy most of the day, but the sun shone through just a few minutes before the first guest was seated and lasted through the vows. It was such a pretty ceremony!

Here's the "goods"!

The girls started the day together, after a rousing "Bachelorette Party" at the Post Office. Don't worry ladies! I'll keep my lips sealed about exactly what you ladies did with the cucumbers!

This is Katherine's sister, Allison, showing Dad, Mr. Tucker, the bridal head piece she made for Katherine. And the girls were enjoying the coffee and just relaxing before they started getting ready for the ceremony.

A girl's gotta have her juice, even if it is Bert and Ernie.

Allison also made the bridesmaid's jewelry. It was so pretty! This girl is very talented, as she photographs, too. She did their engagement session.

I LOVED her bridesmaids dresses! JCrew!

Katherine wore her hair up, but it was curled so she could pull it down for dancing at the reception later.

A gift from the lady that cooked and also made the lunch. (I'm sorry, but I forgot her name.) I think she's a caterer because she has a cook book that she gave to Katherine. These pearls I think were a family heirloom? Or possibly something Katherine really wanted because she wore them with her wedding dress.

The dress!

Details of the back!


Putting on her way cute Texas A&M garter!

Katherine's mom made these ribbons for the girls to dress up their dresses. They were perfect!

Her bouquet was so pretty! I love peonies! They are my favorite flower. Always...

I huddled them together for warmth. HA! It was sooooo cold!

Before she walked down the aisle. I kept thinking she would use her bouquet as a mike and break into song and dance. LOL

This is Ava. She was absolutely adorable and so sweet. I think she was perplexed at the entire thing, but interested all the same. She looks a bit worried right here, but dad was down on the front row, waiting on her. She did GREAT!

So did Mr. Tucker and Katherine.

I was so glad the sun came out! Just look at that pretty blue sky! It was still cold, mind you. But that made for some great moments between the two of them. Tim was definitely sweet and pulled her close several times and rubbed her arms.

I love this grab shot of Katherine, really checking out her wedding ring before it goes on her finger. I have no idea what she was thinking, but it made me smile!

You can view more of their photographs by clicking HERE.

Thanks to both families, Tim's and Katherine's. You'all were wonderful to work with! We will have the rest of the photographs ready soon!