Meet Brandi.

She's graduating from Texas Tech in just a few weeks and needed some photographs for her announcements she's mailing out. The minute I laid eyes on that red hair my mind started racing! I LOVE RED HAIR! I had to share with Brandi how both times when I was pregnant with my girls, I so desperately prayed for them to have red hair and freckles. They got the freckles and one, strawberry blonde, but nothing like this gorgeous mane of hair Brandi sports!

Oh, and talk about pressure! When she had her Senior HS Portraits made, she had them retaken 3 times! And still hated them! GOSH! Let's hope I pleased this beauty!

Oh, and be sure and check out her adorable birthday gift from her friends! His name is Darryl. He's so cute!

Thanks, Brandi! You did great! I'll have the rest up early next week!