back from Vegas

Whew! What a week! What a month!

I'm home and slowly getting back into the swing of things. Actually, I hit the ground running with 3 sessions this weekend and loads of laundry and dishes. But first? Vegas. I have to share Vegas with you.

I attended the Digital Wedding Forum last week in Vegas and our group stayed at the Westin. It's across the street from Bally's which is where the trade center was for all the cool products.

I had a wonderful time attending classes and meeting old friends and creating new ones. It was just a great time of "filling up the vessel" if you know what I mean. I'm so obssessed about this "photo thing" that going and having a place to feed that obsession in a healthy way, discussing things, clients, techniques, workflow, etc. It's just great! It gets you so excited about coming home and shooting again.

Plus, the trade show and seeing albums frist hand and getting ideas for design and approach, it's just a perfect mix. We went with a group from Texas/New Mexico and it was such a fun group! I didn't get to hang out with all of you, and I didn't even get photos of everyone. I tried! I really did! (we did sleep together quite expensively, at KA one night. LOL) But after editing these iamges, I realize, I didn't even come close to taking all the photos I wanted! Let's share, OK? You guys send me your snail mail addresses and I'll burn CD's. I want any of your photos too, well, except for those on the stairwell, that one night. You know which ones I'm referring to. You all can keep those! LOL! I don't think you want those in the wrong hands, if you know what I mean. LOL

Anyhoo, let me introduce a few people. I know many of you read this blog and I really do intend to email you and thank you for such wonderful experiences! I had an absolute ball in Vegas and not just because I threw back a few drinks. I think for the most part, you can tell I thrive off people and love meeting them, bouncing things off them and just plain being with God's creations. Gosh! We are such unique folk, aren't we?

Christy Cross

Christy was the absolute BOMB to room with! Talk about a fire always lit. Yep, especially when "Saved by the Bell" came on. LOL We had a wonderful time feeding off each other and she exhibits such a great spirit, so the "loving life" tag line for the business, it really WORKS! I'm not quite the same "morning person" she is, but I would like to think I was when I was younger. (I was the oldest in this group, by far. We won't say how far, but gosh...I'm old.)

Christy! Thanks for an awesome Vegas trip! Keep up the spirit and the love for this craft! Email me anytime! Call me whenever and you can come shoot with me any time you want. Seriously.

Fred Eagan

I'm glad I got to meet "Freagan", too. I knew "of" him, through Lauren and the OSP, but seeing him in person and getting a feel for his quirks and actually talking to him that first day about what his purpose is in finding his style, I enjoyed the discussions. You are a passionate fellow, Mr. Eagan. I'm so glad I got to know you this trip! And hopefully, the teasing part of "freagan" is okay. It's a really cool nick name though. (thanks, Christy) and you should maybe somehow use it in your marketing. HIRE FREAKING EAGAN! LOL

Lauren Clark

I've known Lauren for quite some time now. She's a photographer in this area and we've photographed together, laughed together, prayed together at her wedding. She's a fabulous photographer that I consider my competition in Lubbock. Seriously, I do. I totally respect her work and love it! And send referrals her way constantly.

I don't have as many photos of you, Lauren. Sorry! I sure wish I did. You should have flung your body around in the sunny sand like Christy did. Wait, you did. But do it where I can photograph it! That would have been cool. I'm serious about the billboard idea and have done some thoughts on it recently. I'll email you privately though. I don't want anyone to get wind of us "taking over WEST TEXAS" photography. They can't know our Evil Plan. (insert evil laugh)


Emily Alexander

I met Emily in 2004 when I photographed her wedding. The most beautiful wedding, music wise! She is my "culturized friend" having lived in Rome for quite some time, and she's just plain lovely as hell to look at. Look at this skin! Seriously. She is expecting her first baby (with Juan-a-thon) this year and she was so tired on this trip. I think she really enjoyed the seminar, but maybe not the hard time getting home. UGH! Did you ever find a gift for Jonathan? I'm dying to know what you found. That is always so hard. I took home 2 stuffed monkeys that had Las Vegas on their bellies. Just what my kids needed. More stuffed animals.

Emily knows her cheeses. And her food. And I would love for her to live with me and just order good food for me daily. Yum. She's starting her photography business along with "her family" and click on her name above and go to her blog to see her work!

Okay, last but not least, is my dear PERSON, Stephanie Ehlers.

I met Stephanie at a Volleyball game when she said she "liked the size of my lens". Yep. She uttered those words. She lives in Lubbock, loves photography and has a butt load of kids to photograph.

She doesn't do photography for a job, but just for a passion. I've gotten her hooked on Grey's Anatomy so now we can really bond over conversations that involve McSteamy and McDreamy. LOL Stephanie, we had sooooo much fun! I don't have to say much here, because I will say much more later over our weekly lunch date tomorrow.

There's the individual pictures. Stay tuned for my "favs from Vegas" thread.