I recently joined a blogging group that motivates us (like I need it...) to blog and basically share more of us in our blogs. Kind of like a picture into what we like and love. This may give readers and in my case, potential clients, a better picture of us. (please do not let the fact that I once liked Hootie and Blowfish interfere with you hiring me for your wedding. Please, I beg you!)

This week's topic is songs. Our top 5 songs we love and why.

This was hard for me because songs are all about emotion and how you are feeling at the time. I couldn't narrow it down to just 5 unless I approched this from a different way. I chose by the 5 times in my life and what stands out now. The links are to the songs online if you want to find them. I'm guessing many readers do not have Hootie in their itunes library.

Junior High Lights by Journey, I danced my first slow dance in 7th grade to this. With Joe Ogle I believe. I wrote down every singe lyric to all the journey songs and wailed along with Steve Perry. But everytime I hear this song, I get a little sad. It was such an innocent time in the world and in my life. Lots of pain between here and there, so the sadness is bittersweet.

High School Heaven, by Bryan Adams I LOVED this album! Van Halen's 1984 was another BIG one with me, too. But Heaven won out due to emotional outbursts all Senior
Girls have.

College Welcome to the Jungle enough said! Still one of my favs.

Early Marriage Only Wanna Be With You Lord, please don't strike me down for this one! What can I say....nothing but the video store and babies in my life, Devin brought home this CD and I fell in love with the Hootie and the Blowfish. Geez....

Now, The Fray, How to Save a Life. I LOVE this. Or anything by them really. It's such a great band, with such a great sound.

I listen to music now on XM Satellite on the computer and the Denalie. Flight 26 is a BIG fav. So, when a song from any of these times in my life comes on, it's so cool how music can take you there in an instant.

Here's to good times with good songs and good friends!