heather and jimmy

WARNING! Long post due to over taking of images....and yes, I was NOT the main photographer. YIPES! What an editing job she has on her hands! Sorry, Jodel! But couldn't help it. I had a BLAST!

I first met Heather in the Spring of 04. She was a bridesmaid in Emily's wedding. Tall, long legs...I said to myself, she will make a stunning bride. Well, she did! See for yourself below. I was unavailable to shoot her wedding so I suggested she call my friend Jodel. Which she did and booked her!

I 2nd shot for my good friend Jodel Phillips. (I'll try and find her blog address in a minute. I'm kinda in a hurry to get out the door and to my daughter's last 7th grade BB game)

I was supposed to be at a soccer tournament and shooting an esession of Alexa and Brian. But remember, that brief spot of bad weather we received on Friday? Well, tournament cancelled, so I decided to join Jodel at Heather's wedding.

I'm so glad I did!

I had a wonderful time with Jonathan and Emily and because the main stress of responsibilites of NOT being the main photgrapher were lifted, really enjoyed myself. Not that I don't enjoy myself otherwise, I'm just more preoccupied with getting the shots needed.

Here's a bunch! And you can see more by clicking HERE.

Congratulations you two! So glad I got to be a "small part" of your day!

This is a shot of Emily and Jonathan at the bar. Emily is an aspiring photogarpher too! You can view her work HERE, it's her blog and she's pretty good about updating it.