the wedding

Ahhh....what a day!

Such a great celebration.

Amber Lawless married TJ Callaway last night at First United Methodist Church and I have lots to share and discuss here, so on to the day!

We started out at a salon in Lubbock and it was so nice that all the maids could just sit around all day there without going to multiple locations to get beautiful. Worked great! And it helped that it had natural light in abundance due to some wonderful south facing windows. 10 minutes into our day I realized I knew the salon owner and his family. A very friendly guy named Larry. I first met him at Mary and Manual's wedding back in August of 2005. It's great he's opened his own place and it suits him well. They guy had a smile on his face the entire time and obviously loves what he does. That's so cool!

We were a bit worried about the weather, but hey! Clear skies!

Yum. Amber's veil on the counter at the salon.

Her ring shot with the 100 macro 2.8. Love the red in this ad slick for Revlon! Worked well, don't cha think?

The lovely, future Mrs. Callaway.

Amber and her mom enjoying the morning.

Amber's sister, Andrea. I totally go a Faith Hill kind of vibe after Larry finished with her hair. VAVOOM!

See the red jacket Amber has on? Her mom bought all the bride's maids zipper hoodies/pj's to hang out in. Such a cool idea. And some cool bags to carry all their beautimus things in.


and his boys

And Amber? Playing hearts in the bride's room. I did mention that this couple is totally laid back, right?

Amber and I didn't have the chance to do a bridal before her wedding, so I made sure to get some major shots of just her in this gown.

The flowers were perfect. I love it when the roses are almost spent. You know? When they are completely wide open and lovely and full and just perfect.

First Church looked AMAZING! 5 PM was the perfect time. The sun was streaming through and everything just glowed.


The kiss!

Okay, I probably shouldn't mention this, but this is such a cool thing that First Church does. I'm sure Marilyn doesn't appreciate me photographing this, because she wants to create a special moment for just the bride and groom. She takes them outside immediately after the ceremony, or close after and gives them just a moment or two to be alone and let the emotions of what they just did, sink in. I love it!

But she seriously doesn't want anyone else there. I understand. It wouldn't be their moment if family and friends were there. But I swear I was in the bushes a good 100 feet away shooting with my long lens. The sun was hitting just perfectly in this little corner. And I just had to take a shot or two. (or 50) LOL

I love the way TJ is holding her and he made sure to set her flowers down so they could really get into this moment! Well done, dude! Total "yum" moment for me!

The Happy Couple!

The reception was held at the Merkett Center on Texas Tech Campus. Great atmosphere for a wedding!

This was a cool moment. The DJ/videographer/thought he was a professional photographer, (more on that later) did something really sweet. I've seen it done before, but when a couple like this lasts till the end, it's just so charming and endearing.

He had all married couples dance on the floor and leave according to how long they've been married. This couple below, I didn't get their names, 65 years! WOW! I don't even think I could sway/dance after 20 years of marriage! But they did. And it was such a great moment when he asked them for their advice to the bride and groom. The lady wanted to wait to hear what her husband had to say, his words? "Patience"

Perfect reply, you good fellow. But what I love? Just look at the way she is looking at her husband! He makes her Happy. You can tell, totally HAPPY.

Some boot scooting line music to liven things up! Everyone hit the dance floor at some moment I think.

LOVED mom's skirt! Such a cool fabric and her shoes were sooooo cute too!

Guests had a great time!

The exit!

Congratulations you two! Much success and most of all, Happiness in your long life together!

I'll call you soon when I'm finish editing the rest of your photographs!