rampage catching up

I've already busted a "new year's resolution". To stay on top of personal photographs. I told myself that my family must come first and that when I take personal photographs, put them in the workflow. I was doing very well around Christmas and then I totally blew it last Wednesday. I blame it on Kalyn, my oldest daughter. Darn it. She took most of these. She should be editing them, right? HA!

The girl is getting so good, but she is so hard on herself. Reminds me of someone....


On the technical side of things, because I know you will email me and want to know how I did this, what my fstop was, and hey, what lens?

These were shot with the 70-200 with the image stablizer turned off. Very important when shooting action. It just slows your focusing down. Many were wide open, 2.8 with an iso of 1600 or so. After a bit, I switched to TV (or shutter speed mode) at 125 - 250. I also used my 5d with the 85 1.8 (still my favorite!) wide open as well. Most were cropped in camera and converted in photoshop CS2. Some were cropped after, however, those were mainly because Kalyn couldn't find the focal ring for telephoto zoom on that big BAD boy of a lens.

Yep, goobers. Each and every one of us!