I was driving home from taking Summer to school and after the kids are out of the car, Kenny and the Animal Farm are OFF and Fox News takes over. They were talking about the closure of DIA, (Denver International Airport) which was built with the ability to "never close". Guess Mother Nature had another idea. She's so competitive. HA!

Made me think about all those folks living in an airport trying to get home or to get somewhere for the Holidays. Sleeping on floors, baggage carasols, etc. Eating McD's every meal and just plain miserable. I mean, I've been stuck in airports before for hourse, but not days! And I love it at first. You know, read all the magazines front to back and actually have the time to do so. Or the book you've been meaning to get into. A good bag of flower seeds, diet coke, place to sit, and I'm fine. Or internet? I wonder if DIA is wireless? And if they are FREE like Vegas, or if you pay? Either way, these folks have time. TIME.


That wonderful thing I'm constantly craving! More time. And these folks have it. Either by themselves, or with their kids, or with their lover.

Just not much privacy! LOL

I'm giving a "shout out" to Jodel in Amarillo this morning, photographing a wedding and I know, doing well. Good Luck! And I know you will capture some beautiful memories for this couple! Oh, I'm in soooo much trouble for this photograph below! I'm sure no more "Bottle Caps" for me!

Hey, Jodel? If you don't want to fly home today? Julie and I (and Elizabeth) are meeting at Melt tonight for drinks. You up to spending the Christmas weekend with me? HA