lindsay + andrew


a dream wedding for me. Lindsay and Andrew were so laid back at this thing, completely laid back. Well, except for the freezing cold, oil drill thing. That wasn't completely laid back for anyone. But they knew they wanted to capture their day but didn't want to waste tons of time doing it. Photography was important to them, but spending time with family was too.

We managed to do both. And do it well.

I'm fading fast, time wise. Ready for bed. But wanted to get these posted tonight for you and your family to enjoy!

Lindsay at the salon getting all "gussied up".

Okay, you must understand. Lindsay was cold. And she had her mother dress her. I swear the girl looked good on Friday and she looked amazing when I left her this afternoon. But this morning? Not so much. HA! It was totally cracking me up and making me think of rodeo clowns. Those are her mom's hot pink socks down below!

Of course, when she put on that dress, that was it. No more laughter.

Getting laced up in that corset! She looked fab!

This is Julie who flew in that day for her wedding from Dallas. She was quite worried about the weather and thought her flight might be cancelled. But she was there! And Lindsay and Brittany were so glad. (Brittany was Lindsay's bridesmaid and high school friend.)

love this shot in the bride's room of Lindsay (who never wears makeup, by the way) putting on her lipstick. LOVE IT!

techno geeks?

85 shot wide open, 800 iso (I think...) and spot metering. I love spot metering!

Dad, 5 minutes before the walk down. He came to see her really quick.

Such a great moment! One reason I feel so privileged to be a wedding photographer. I have the BEST job. I really do.

I was thrilled that this family allowed me this opportunity to photograph this wedding according to feel and not method. Many times, right before a ceremony, when I'm shooting alone without Jodel or without Stephanie, I have a choice to make. I can stay back, with the bride and get moments like this. Or I can go out and shoot the processional.

Don't get me wrong. Shooting Grandma being seated is important. I understand that. But Marc, Lindsay's Dad is always gonna remember this day and this moment every time he looks at this photograph. And it will hit that place in his heart, that sometimes hurts, yet makes him remember the whys in life.

why we Live.
why we love.
and why we Laugh.

And just how darned blessed we are to have the "whys".

I love that I stayed behind.

They were so cute together. And gosh! So many words and touches and glances. I was in the vestibule photographing the bridesmaids when I heard them laughing and giggling. Such a great day!

Ceremony was quite lovely. And so much personal stuff was said by the two ministers. They had so many great stories about these two to really bring in the guests and make them feel welcome. We witnessed these two saying very simple, yet heartfelt vows and just a great service.

Lindsay surprised EVERYONE with a Star Wars Theme Recessional! Including Andrew who had no idea. He's a pretty introverted laid back kinda guy, but this one got him beaming, too!

Congratulations you two! I'll call you soon!

To see more of their photos, click HERE. There's only a sneak peek up right now. The remainder will up soon!