The recent rains have kept my delivery guys from driving down my road. Instead they leave my packages at the video store. I haven't been to my video store, since before Christmas Eve, but I stopped there on the way to my wedding Friday, and look what I found!

Macy and Mark's Asuka Book (finally)
and Mr. John Lee's Parent Album

I thought this would be a good time to share just exactly what a Parent Album looks like. I love them! I think it's because they are simple in design and very classic, so I don't get tired of how they look or feel.

You can't go wrong with black leather, baby!

This album is 10x10 in size and all you have to do is send me 24 of your favorites from the wedding, or a private session. They will be printed, bound and delivered! It's that simple! You can choose your favorites straight from your online gallery. Just click add to album and when complete, it sends me the list!

I love that!

Mr. Lee, your book will be shipped on Tuesday morning! I just know you are going to LOVE it. I do.

Now, Macy's E-session Album is an Asuka Book. A 7x7 20 page Asuka book is included with all private sessions. Many of you have yet to choose your images, and you shouldn't wait! These books are sooooo cute!

They come with a cute cover to protect the jacket.

I did Macy's in the orange from her wedding colors. Something fun to spice up the book! Although with their pictures, it didn't really need it. LOL

They feature a jacket that you can write on to personalize the book if you would like. Great way to celebrate Mom's birthday! Choose your pictures and then have everyone sign the jacket!

This shot shows how glossey the pages are. I love the EX! (a kind of asuka book) You can choose the matte finish too if you perfer. Your choice.

The colors just POP!

And the double page spreads lay very nice.

So, Macy and Mark? I'm mailing this one Tuesday morning, too! I just know you will love it!

If you are interested in ordering an Asuka book or a Parent's Album from your session or wedding, email me and we can start the process.