christmas with brooke and jack

and the twins!

Jason and Emily are here and my kids are sooooo excited they can't stand it!

I didn't get the chance to post this before I left for the wedding this weekend, but I'm home now downloading cards and wanted to get these up before Tre went crazy! (Tre is Teresa Alford, mom to the famous, adorable, non-aggressive Caucasian male and his lovely counterpart, Presley!)'ve seen these adorable faces before. Presley and Jax, The Alford Twins (on my gallery page of website.) They referred to Jax in the NICU as Whimpy White Boy, because when preemies arrive, the white boys are the last in the line up. Meaning they get better and thrive at a slower rate than the girls or boys of other nationalities. His Daddy, Cody really didn't like that term, I mean who would? (snickering) so he came up with,

non-aggressive Caucasian male


They stopped by after the Slaton BB Game and before our Family Christmas for sandwiches and some fun! The kids sure enjoyed each other!

Jax working out with some might cute baby toys!

Devin is always good to have around for the entertaining stuff. Keep babies from getting fussy. Or maybe it's the other way around? Only way he can be around them without getting fussy himself! LOL

hmm...not sure what he thought of Devin's "walrus imitation". LOL

awww...he likes it.

Miss Presley enjoying some goofy time with the big girls.

The entire Alford Family.

Jason and Jax enjoying the football game. They start them young around here.

Brooke and Kalyn hanging on the couch.

Jack got a new digital camera from The G's. (The Grandparents)

Summer's new horse from Chief and Grandma! She loves them! She's wanted a horse of her own forever. I can totally relate, but way. So, this will have to do.