amanda and kyle

kyle's adorable nephew, Harrison and Zeuss

This will be a quick blog! I'm in a hurry to meet Amanda for her "bridal breakfast", but I just wanted everyone to know that First Church looks amazing at Christmas! And the poinsettas aren't even in the stands yet!

I'm photographing Kyle and Amanda's wedding this weekend and will be out of pocket for most of the day. Also, on a side note, that really should have been blogged about yesterday, Jacquline, one of my employees from my video store? She had a horrible wreck yesterday and is the hospital severely banged and brusied. Several broken areas, but hopefully not a broken spirit. She's a very strong girl, stubborn at times, but with the help of family and friends, (and our prayers!) should be OK. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! I'm terribly upset that I haven't had the chance to go visit her and tell her that we care and offer our help. So, I'm doing it here Jacq! And after I finish this fabulous wedding, will find the time to come give you a hug. (a gentle hug at that.)