lonestar day

When I'm home on weekends, instead of photographing weddings, I photograph soccer! I love watching Kalyn play! (my oldest daughter) It's so amazing to me that something from my body, with some of my genetic makeup, can run, jump and kick so amazingly well! She's so good at this athletic thing.

I didn't photograph the first game. There's a parking situation out at Behrl Hoffman Park and I had to park 1/2 mile away and did not want to carry my gear that far, so I only photographed the Lonestar 94 vs Lonestar 95. (snagged a curbside up front park) But all the same, I love doing this and wish I could photograph every game, but what would I do with all the images?

Lonestar Gallery

Bree broke her ankle a few weeks ago and is out of commission, but still cheering from the sideline. Her parents are so much fun!

Dave and Chris watching the game. I'm sure Chris is explaining what little she knows of offsides. HA!

This is Jordan. She played for us last year and moved on to Cruz Azul. We miss her and her family, but we still see her on the fields from time to time.

New baby girl for Melanie's family. Such a cutie!