I'm typing this at the hotel in Waco, TX while my family sleeps (and snores) in the Hilton room we are currently calling home. This is our last soccer tournament for the year and I'm a bit worn out and anxious to be home for a while and caught up. However, the girls are very excited and thrilled to be "hoteling" it again. They really get into this travel thing.

Kalyn's team, Lonestar 94, won all 3 games today and play in the finals tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. (It'll come too early for me I'm sure...) It's so easy to get caught up in what all we have to do as adults...the responsibilities, the stress. We can easily lose site of how much fun a trip can be. A family together, in the car, eating out, sharing one bathroom (peeeewwww), sleeping together in one room...they love it!

So, I'm going to love it for a while too. At least until I get home and discover all he emails and messages. You only live once, right?

In the car on the way to Waco. Notice the back glass? I hadn't done something like that since high school! Fun and silly, and our ride looked sooo kewl!

this is the view from our hotel room early this morning. Quite lovely.