shooting REAL people in LOVE.


Sometimes, the “best day of your life” becomes the most stressful event you’ve ever planned on attending and you decide to just throw away all the noise and clutter (mason jars + burlap) and elope.  If you are planning an intimate event with just a few family members and friends, or maybe just you two and me, I propose the following.  

Intimate Event Coverage  $1900

  • photographic coverage (not to exceed 6 hours)

  • me, Kristin, photographically covering your wedding day

  • online gallery for viewing, ordering and downloading photographs

  • print ready files with print release for personal use

  • couple's session

$500 is required to book your wedding date along with a signed photography agreement.

Questions?  Keep scrolling.

How many hours?   Normally, I don't count my hours, and let's face it, I may not if I'm photographing your wedding.  But in order to explain myself and the difference between intimate event coverage and full, documentary coverage, it's mainly this.  If you are planning a small event, less then 100 guests and there's not a HUGE day planned, then you honestly don't need to pay the same amount of money that other couple's pay.  Your day is planned different and it is less.  Not less emotionally or love wise, but less for me to cover and document.  Does that make sense?  You are still trusting me with the best day of your life, with the best people included.  

What if I want an album?   No problem.  Albums are stress free as well.  You simply choose your favorite images and a size.  I do the rest.  I'll include a link here to album info after I finish reviewing the prices for 2018.

We are flying into Lubbock, getting married at the courthouse and honestly, we just don't need the "couple's session".  Can you quote a lower price?   No.  Not unless you are getting married on Wednesday afternoon.  However, many couples choose to take this "couple's session" later on in the year, or  sometimes the next day.  As long as you use the session during your first year of marriage, it's available.  

Is this price for Lubbock?  Because the wedding you featured above, that ain't LBK, darling.    That fee is for Lubbock only.  If you are planning a destination wedding, I'm game.  I just need details to work out a travel fee.  In all honestly, if you are a kind, decent person, committing to a human that you love, I don't care where or when, I'd love to have a chance to photograph you.  We need to meet.  And you are right.  That's ain't Lubbock.  That is a wedding that was planned after the stress of a "home wedding" got in the way of what mattered to these two.  It was the BEST weekend!  One I'll always cherish and now that the couple have these amazing images, they can always remember it, too.

Have you put together that album pricing yet?  I sure have.  Email me at and I'll shoot you over the full enchalada.