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By definition, photojournalism is "the art or practice of communicating news stories by photographs."   The job of a photojournalist is to tell a story without altering, or influencing that story.  You may also hear this style described as candid, documentary, or modern.  A wedding photojournalist is a term that's tossed around quite a bit.  I consider myself a storyteller.  One that puts together what I've learned from photographing over 200+ weddings, all the lessons and education and experience, and I use that to tell YOUR story on your wedding day.  From the time you first put on your gown, to saying YES to the love of your life, to dancing, to dining, to cutting the cake.  ALL OF IT.  Your story, I just document it with still pictures.

wedding collections start at $3500 and include the following:

  • me, Kristin, photographically covering your wedding day

  • online gallery for viewing, ordering and downloading photographs

  • print ready files with print release for personal use

  • engagement session + bridal session

$1000 is required to book your wedding date along with a signed photography agreement.

Questions?  Keep scrolling.

How many hours?   Number one questions I'm asked.  How many hours does that include.  I HATE timing my coverage.  I feel to truly document a wedding, I need unlimited time. I need to develop a relationship with you that involves trust and get you "used to my camera".   This means I typically start coverage when the bride starts her bridal preparations, because, really, guys?  Yeah, shower, shave, get dressed, DONE.  Telling your story means trusting me with your day.  Your entire day.  If you are thinking about hours and me, and figuring out if you have time to "stage an exit", HELLO!  Then I've failed.  You aren't truly living in the moment of your BEST day.  I'll play Oprah here, LIVE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, your best self, and simply let me be there documenting it.  That price above?  The $3500 includes me for the day.  No timing.  

What is your style?  Journalistic.  I love telling the story through photographs, so images that move you, speak to you, make you laugh, make you cry...THOSE are the story tellers. I like letting the day unfold and being there for every minute of it, so weddings are covered in an almost complete documentary style.  The getting ready, ceremony, and reception are simply photographed.  The portraits are a bit more hands on, in that I want you to look as kick butt as possible and magazine worthy, baby!  Some posing, but mostly fun.

Will you be the photographer at our wedding?  Yes.  kristin + camera is just that.  Me and my camera.  Sometimes I may bring an assistant or your event may need a 2nd shooter, but I like to shoot alone and keep things low key.  I mean, come on!  As famous and fabulous as you are, you do not want a paparazzi feel to your wedding day.  We'll talk about your wedding and the day's events to determine if two photographers are needed.  If so, I have one, her name is Toni and she ROCKS.

How many images will you take?  I have no idea.  I never count, I just know a butt load of images.  But if you are needing to plan how many to plaster the walls of your first home, you can expect between 500-800 images.  It's my job to tell your story and go through the images and select only the best ones.

How long will it take to receive our wedding images?  A sneak peek will be available on my blog 24-48 hours after your wedding.  The rest take a bit longer depending on the time of year and my work load, typically 4-6 weeks.

Do you retouch all of the images?  Of course I retouch everything!  I'm anal and a bit insecure and I want everything to look perfect!  Plus you are paying me to tell your story so I need to go through your images and color correct them, crop them if necessary, remove any eye blinks, and then personally tweak them all to perfection.  Nothing leaves my computer unless it's been personally handled by me.   Once this process is completed, all images are uploaded to your wedding gallery and available for immediate downloading.  

Are you crazy expensive?  Yes. CRAZY!  HA!  But not too crazy.  You can still eat and buy clothes. Wedding coverage includes your digital files with print release for personal use.  I also offer top of the line KICK BUTT albums, engagement or bridal sessions and many other fun goodies to show off your fabulous images.  Contact me for a price list or better yet, come visit me and see my work in person.  Up close and personal.  Fall in love with my dog work and we can figure out exactly what you need photography wise for your wedding.

What happens if you’re sick on our wedding day?  I have a network of photography friends that would step up in a minute.  They are all full time professional photographers.  That said, it takes something pretty darn intensive to keep me away from a wedding day.  For sniffles, fever and weird rashes, they make meds.  Hello.  I'm not a frail being that suffers from everything.  I love this job!  Let me work!

What if I want an album?  I think albums are the BEST way to showcase your wedding to your family and friends. I only offer top quality hand crafted books, featuring matt fine art paper.  The design is very simple and image driven.  I design each album myself and yes, it can be time-intensive.  But it's something that needs to be done in a timeless classic fashion.  I urge all my clients to purchase wedding albums because I realize it's an heirloom your family will treasure for generations to come.

How does the album design process work?  Once you receive your wedding images on your gallery, I will ask you to select your favorites for your album.  I will use these to design your album, adding more of my choosing.  Once completed, it will be uploaded to a private gallery for you to review.  We can go through revision s if necessary before the files are prepped and sent to the book maker.  You will have a choice of a photo cover or leather.  Albums take approximately 4 weeks to print and deliver.

Albums are so expensive.  Why should I order one?  Yes.  Albums are expensive. But they are an investment, just like the china you registered for is more expensive then the every day dishes.  It's wonderful that we live in a digital world, however, too often in this digital age photos "live" on hard drives and on cell phones and are not enjoyed as they should be. Think of it this way, if your parents and grandparents wedding photos were on 8 track or vinyl would you be able to enjoy them today? An album is an heirloom piece meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Also, I find very often that clients get frustrated when trying to design their own albums. There are many online sources to print albums but they are not archival professional grade albums. And most will assume you understand color space, DPI and cropping ratios. If you're not a graphic designer by trade or do not have access to costly software such as Adobe Photoshop along with a working knowledge of the program then designing an album can be a daunting task.

What kind of gear do you use?  I'm a Canon girl!  Started on a Canon and will probably be buried with a Canon.  I adore their lenses!  Here's the short list of what I carry and use:

Canon 5d3's

24 1.4

35 1.4

50 1.2

85 1.2

100 2.8

70-200 2.8

flashes, batteries, tripods, video lights, etc.

How long have you been shooting weddings?  I photographed my first wedding back in the day of film (gasp) and have photographed over 250 weddings.  I average between 20-25 per year.  2016 will be my 13th year of shooting full time.  I've pretty much "seen it all" at a wedding.  Experience helps me not freak out when a street gang shows up at your wedding to salsa dance with a college band.  Yep.  Happened.

I love your work!  How do we hire you?  Yay!  First, contact me to make sure I have your date available.  If I do, we can go over the collections and choose one that best suits you.  You will then receive everything by email, your quote, invoice and a Photography Agreement.  A $1000 retainer is necessary to hold your date.   I don't pencil in or hold dates without this payment.    And yes, I take credit cards.

Can't wait to hear from you!