Just look at this image? You can't help but laugh. And belly laughing is the BEST thing, my FAVORITE way to feel with friends. Instant bonding with any situation is a laugh. Think about it. You're in a boring lecture, and don't know 1/2 the folks around you, but something funny happens? Maybe the professor trips on the way to the screen with his pointer and instantly the class giggles and looks around at each other and laughs together. Professor too, and the feeling in the air changes and from there it just grows.

Laughter is the BEST thing.

The Lady Pirates get together for team dinners before district games and it was our turn along with Wendy, to host. So after a wonderful meal where we gorged ourselves like kings, the girls played Guesstures. Are you familiar with the game? It's sort of like speed charades. You act out the card for your team and you only have so many seconds or the card disappears. So much fun! And I just had to get pictures of this!

Great times with a great team.