Lady Pirates

We Believe!

I threw together this slideshow for INSPIRATION! The pictures are from Tuesday night at the Rip when we BEAT Breckenridge. Woo Hoo!

I'm running around doing a million things, trying to get ready for the game tonight in Monahans @ 7:30. They take on Clint and MUST WIN to continue our trek to state!

Go Lady Pirates!


Just look at this image? You can't help but laugh. And belly laughing is the BEST thing, my FAVORITE way to feel with friends. Instant bonding with any situation is a laugh. Think about it. You're in a boring lecture, and don't know 1/2 the folks around you, but something funny happens? Maybe the professor trips on the way to the screen with his pointer and instantly the class giggles and looks around at each other and laughs together. Professor too, and the feeling in the air changes and from there it just grows.

Laughter is the BEST thing.

The Lady Pirates get together for team dinners before district games and it was our turn along with Wendy, to host. So after a wonderful meal where we gorged ourselves like kings, the girls played Guesstures. Are you familiar with the game? It's sort of like speed charades. You act out the card for your team and you only have so many seconds or the card disappears. So much fun! And I just had to get pictures of this!

Great times with a great team.


Lady Pirates vs Caprock

Bethany has such a ballah attitude. I love girls like that. Not afraid to get down and dirty and get the job done. I missed a game during the tournament for a gorgeous bridal Friday, and it's a shame I can't show you. HELLO! GIRL WAS LOVELY!

But I did attend Saturday's game. We didn't do very well for #1 in the state team during this tournament. But if you remove all the labels and realize this is the first contact these girls have seen together as a team.


We did OK.

Of course, Kalyn Marie always does GREAT. I'm her mom. :)

all I heard was swish.

I like that sound.


she never lost consciousness and she stayed in the game.

But a definite OUCH and "gasp" could be heard from the crowd.

Lady Pirates vs Panhandle

Kirsti has a long beautiful body. I think of her every time I'm in the dressing room at Gap trying to decide between regular, ankle or long. She chooses long, I think. I have to go for ankle, find out they are too short and end up buying long because they are out of regular. Sigh. Aunt Barbara? I have a pair that needs hemming.

Cooper played in the Frenship tournament over the weekend and we have our VB players with us. Sadly, they lost and will not make it to state.

this year

But we are glad to see the entire team together again.

Did you know that in 8th GRADE, Kalyn's team went UNDEFEATED? We hung a banner up in the gym with their names. It was very cool. Coach Hilliard has those 5 back again for the first time all on varsity.

I would love for him to play them together again. Just once. Just to see.

I know the magic is still there.

It felt good to see Brittney through my lens again. She's such a powerful player. Unfortunately, she has a price on her head thanks to being FRESHMAN ALL-STATE last season. Everyone is out to double team her, get her and knock her head off. She handles it well. Of course, she's a Bednarz. Do you have a choice?

Players like to hug her. She's sweet that way. At least until she starts sweating. That's another BEDNARZ trait. The sweat.

Kalyn plays point guard too. Just not as much as Brittney.

I LOVE to watch her bring the ball down with that blonde hair flying! I asked her once if she wanted me to braid it.


She liked that it got in the other player's faces when they would try and guard her.

Beautiful Kaitlyn. Almost too pretty for Basketball.

until you see her play. :)

NOBODY fights for a ball like Hannah.

This is what you like to see.

Lady Pirates vs Lubbock High

It's going to be BB overload so those of you not interested, come back this weekend and I'll have non-sport related photos to show. :)

Season opener was against Lubbock High. We have 4 players out with Volleyball. I'm not sure the team has really had a full practice yet with everyone there. I know how nervous that makes the players. How nervous it makes the coach. You don't really get a feel for your team and the dynamics and how each player works until you are all together. Playing.

We did well, very well.

I'm so proud of Kalyn Marie.

Lady Pirates Scrimmages

When I post personal pictures on my blog, I like to write. It's one of the reason's I've been posting BB photos over on facebook. I'm afraid I'll say something wrong. Walk on tiptoes and march to the right drum, sort of speak. That and the fact that facebook is so darn easy and blogger takes more effort.

But I've been photographing the Lady Pirate BB Team and my daughter of course and I'm enjoying it immensely. And I like to think I'm getting pretty darn good.

I pray.

I want so many great things for Kalyn Marie.

I want her to hear the crowd cheer. I want her to play every second. I want her to be wanted by the team, by the coach and by the other parents.

So I pray.