Sarah and Jake, the wedding

Yep. There's the MRS. :)

This wedding was so much fun! I'm so in love with couples in love, it's almost sickening. And the way Jake looks at Sarah? It melts my heart. Completely melts it. Which is good, because this past weekend was COLD!

Here's the sneak peek from Sarah and Jake's wedding. As always, there's more on their wedding gallery.

You will be prompted for a passcode. It's the bride and groom's last names, smushed together.

Just check out these adorable babies! HELLO! Pure cuteness! They were the MOST excellent wedding party tag alongs EVER.

Sarah's ring was beautiful! As was her dress below. The satin was smooth and silky and just so so pretty.

Gotta have the bridal do standard, obligatory photo. OH! I'll share some of Sarah's bridal's now that she's married. She blew up my FAVORITE photo for display at her wedding. Just wait to you see it. She will KNOCK your socks off!

So many happy smiles that day. And the flowers she chose for the day were just perfect for the style of the church and their wedding. GIRLS, when choosing flowers, think about the style of your church and YOU. It should reflect both so it looks like part of the day, only better. Make it adore the church and you, blend to beautiful perfection.



This is Chris and Emilie. He married the couple which was perfect. And below is THE MAN! Totally dark and handsome with a smile that is just so darn charming.

The shot above was in the bride's room just moments before Sarah walked down the aisle. We were all loud and giggling and there was split second where the door fell open and there was JAKE. YIPES for old church doors and floors. He didn't see her, but she was perfectly calm and serene. Just a beauty!

Remember what I said about those looks? Golly!

Yes, I have a kiss during the ceremony, but the kiss you have of just you and him and THE WORLD is just divine!

Next we took a short drive out to the cold country and wound up in a way cool Old Texas Dance Hall where we stayed warm by two stepping, waltzing and of course, a GRAND MARCH. What a wedding!

I had to include a photo of Kim and Beau. They have a new little one, Haden, I hope I'm spelling it right. Kim is Chris's (the minister and BIL) sister and I photographed her wedding a couple of years ago.

Kim also has a wonderful blog just full on insights in to the life and heart of a Christian Woman. I love reading it!

This place was too cool, I'm telling you! Too cool!

Congratulations you two! I hope you are staying warm and close and laughing alot on your HONEYMOON!