Happy B-day, Coach Simmons!

Can't let the day go away without blogging a birthday wish to Coach Simmons.


We first met him when he coached Kalyn Marie in 7th grade. He coached her again in 8th and by then, we loved him and the way he coaches. He pushes hard, yet knows how to get the best out of girls because he expects it of them. They love him! Parent's love him! Shoot, I've even seen refs smile at the guy. Just an all around great guy!

He comes from the same philosophy that most Bednarz's do, WE HATE TO LOSE and WE LOVE TO WIN! We've seen him do a lot of the latter over the past 4 years and will be sad to not have a child under his guidance. But we know they are better players having played for him. Thank you, Coach Simmons!

I hope you had a Happy Day!

Here's a few shots of the guy in action against Lamesa tonight. We won!!! After the game, the girls gave him cupcakes and sang him Happy Birthday!