The Smith Family

Christmas is such a crazy time of year for everyone. For me? It's extremely busy school wise for my basketball playing girls, and everyone wants their family photographed. Throw in some harsh weather and it only adds to the chaos stew.

Adam and Amy Smith are such a fun family, I really wanted to get to know their kiddos and just capture the FUN that must exist in their household day in and day out. They have Carter, 7 and Miss B, or Brinley, almost 3? or is it 2, Amy. Can't remember. Well, Sunday after church we got together at their house and managed to squeeze in a portrait session after working our schedules together to mesh.

So much fun! But somehow I think these family sessions are more fun for me than the families. Expectations of that perfect photo for the Christmas card are high. Parents are anxious for their little ones to shine in front of my camera and kids can sometimes feel the expectations when the last thing they wanna do is pose.

It's best when you shoot from the hip and just roll with the flow of the kids. Adam and Amy did that for the most part and we got some precious shots!

Here's Miss B below rocking her number sense for me. She's a living doll. She seriously is. Tiny, compact and oh what a "spit fire"! I love that in little girls! I'm sure her mom would disagree with me. LOL

These shoes are adorable. Just check out the tights. Yep. ADORABLE!

I just want to squeeze her and eat her up! She's so darn cute!

I typically like to come to the client's home and get a feel for their color scheme and decor. After all, this is where your family photos will be displayed, so it's good to get a feel for things. Also, younger kids tend to shoot more comfortably at home. They like that I'm a "family friend" showing up with a camera. Adam and Amy's porch was decorated for Christmas so we sat on the cold concrete and fired away.

Of course Miss Brinley would NOT put her precious buns there, and insisted on being held. If I didn't have to shoot, HELLO! I would gladly hold you Miss B!

Just look at all those matching eyes, cheek bones and faces! Can't deny these genes kiddo's! No way!

Stud-muffin Carter rocking his solo.

Exactly what BIG brothers do, right? Oh, he's on the road to greatness! I can feel it!

Check out baby sister to see just how he gets so far off the ground. She adores him, she really does. Wanted to try to jump that high as well.

This next series just SCREAMS BRINLEY. She's always singing, talking, humming, just enjoying herself and she was definitely bringing all she had to the table to be photographed! You work it girl!

While she was working it, I asked Carter to move on in and just hang on the wall beside her. What big BRO does, little SIS does better, right? I think I'm in love with this one. Just their expressions and body languages. Apples don't fall far from those trees!

Of course, with all sessions, bribery takes place. "one more shot and you can have some gum! You want the gum don't you? Just go stand and put your arm around your bro and you can have your gum". LOL

Yep. She got the gum. The girl performs, I'm telling you.

I LOVE photographing little girls with their Daddy's. :)

AND photographing Daddy's other Little Girl with him. You two did great, Adam and Amy!

We needed some shots of Brinley by herself so she read me a book. I'm in love with this series. Too cute. She totally ad libbed the entire book and I'm sure changes the story to her mood, but girl can ROCK THE READING, that's for sure. :)

Thanks, Smith Family! You all were AWESOME!