Lady Pirates vs Panhandle

Kirsti has a long beautiful body. I think of her every time I'm in the dressing room at Gap trying to decide between regular, ankle or long. She chooses long, I think. I have to go for ankle, find out they are too short and end up buying long because they are out of regular. Sigh. Aunt Barbara? I have a pair that needs hemming.

Cooper played in the Frenship tournament over the weekend and we have our VB players with us. Sadly, they lost and will not make it to state.

this year

But we are glad to see the entire team together again.

Did you know that in 8th GRADE, Kalyn's team went UNDEFEATED? We hung a banner up in the gym with their names. It was very cool. Coach Hilliard has those 5 back again for the first time all on varsity.

I would love for him to play them together again. Just once. Just to see.

I know the magic is still there.

It felt good to see Brittney through my lens again. She's such a powerful player. Unfortunately, she has a price on her head thanks to being FRESHMAN ALL-STATE last season. Everyone is out to double team her, get her and knock her head off. She handles it well. Of course, she's a Bednarz. Do you have a choice?

Players like to hug her. She's sweet that way. At least until she starts sweating. That's another BEDNARZ trait. The sweat.

Kalyn plays point guard too. Just not as much as Brittney.

I LOVE to watch her bring the ball down with that blonde hair flying! I asked her once if she wanted me to braid it.


She liked that it got in the other player's faces when they would try and guard her.

Beautiful Kaitlyn. Almost too pretty for Basketball.

until you see her play. :)

NOBODY fights for a ball like Hannah.

This is what you like to see.