This is Boo, our cousin, and I don't have a photo of Bekah from this night, darn it! But she helped too. It all started about 3 weeks ago when I asked these two girls to text oh, 20-30 of Kalyn's CLOSEST friends and invite them to a surprise party at our house. Of course not everyone could keep quiet and Kalyn almost figured it out the week before, but then due to scheduling snafoo's, we switched it to the week after her actual birthday to throw her off the trail. IT WAS PERFECT! She had no idea!

I was so nervous and excited I almost peed my pants! Kalyn went home with Rebekah after school to do "homework" and then Bekah brought her at 7:15. But some of the kids were late arrivals so we were pulling them in the front door and throwing them in the back as quick as we could so she would have no idea! It worked as you can tell by the photos below.


Special thanks to:

  • the ENTIRE Heinrich Family for helping out with the food, the clean up, and just being GREAT folks to have at a party!
  • the Linder Family for running the covert STEALTH operation of fooling Kalyn
  • all her family and friends for coming out and showing her some LOVE!
Until next year!