You know it's summer...

You know it's summer, when you see this in the viewfinder! LOL I LOVE IT!

Bridgette and Marcus were in town for golf and reunion fun, so I invited them over to swim on Saturday. Of course when I saw the little fishes his the water, I had to go grab the camera. Too cute! We should make this happen every trip Bridgette. And Cindy, not sure if you are a blog reader, but bring Dalton and Kate any time you want! I loved seeing them again!

Here's Brynn chillin' on the sun deck.

This is my goddaughter, Ashlyn. She is a total water dog!

They had all drowned, of course, so I documented it.

Before the drowning.

I lined them up to jump one at a time and told them to surprise me. This is Ashlyn just thinking about what she can do. I lOVE IT! That's also her cute adorable little fishy bottom at the first of this post!

Surprise! She can dive!

This is Megan givin me the Canon Ball! I had my camera wrapped in a towel and would tuck under after I snapped. But I did get a few water spots on the lens.

Miss Kate of course, managed to look at the camera while jumping. Can you say, America's Next Top Model? LOL

Go Dalton!

Love this one! Brynn has grown up so much! She loves Taylor Swift and she played DJ that day with her iPod hooked up to the Bose system. David and Davida got it for me for Christmas 2 years ago and I'm using it on my patio. It totally ROCKS!

Goggles are great, but man are they tough on the makeup.

This was my favorite photo of the day, I think. A smile on Miss Kate! And all this gear just SCREAMS AQUA GIRL! LOL

Me and Miss Bridgette and I'm so braving putting this on here without my bangs having been done! YIPES! They look much better when fixed.

Great times!