Summer's 13!!!

I can't believe my baby is a teenager!! YIPES! If I could, I would have 2 more. But only if God could make them boys and I could see how Julie lives 1/2 her day. LOL I always thought I would have more babies. I'm sad I didn't, but I'm so blessed to have what I have!

Summer Zoe turned 13 over the weekend. But somehow, she's been 13 all year. Pushing the way younger siblings can to grow up way to quickly. My heart hurts that soon, in just a few short years, my babies will be gone! Don't get me wrong, I will love all the available time that will suddenly appear each day. But it will be so sad too. To not have them around to do all the fun things that daughter's and moms do.

I love my girls.

And I love how Summer still blushes when we sing her Happy Birthday! LOVE THAT!

We went to Olive Garden to celebrate her day with a family dinner. Went low key this year. She's beautiful.