Marci + Steven (the engagement)

I love the Brosch family. You may remember Kat and Kyle? Anyway, way back in the day, when I was known as Miss Waits at St. Joseph School, I met the Brosch family. They were one of the first families I met in Slaton and I quickly fell in love with them. Just wonderful people with wonderful hearts.

This is Steven on the right and he met Marci and now they are engaged and getting married! YEAH! YEAH for me because this means a BIG West Texas wedding at my home church in Slaton, St. Joseph.

And an even better "yeah" for me, is I adore Marci. She's beautiful, funny and has such a great wit about her, plus we both are not "fu fu" girls! We love the pretty but not the fuss. So we clicked from the get-go and I was happy that they chose me to photograph their celebration. So, so happy!

In all the craziness of June, I forgot to blog their engagement session. So, here's some blog love, Marci and Steven.

I can't wait for the big day!