coffee break

We are in HOUSE PRE-MADNESS as they finish up the last few details at our new place.  We still need a fence, a few lights are on back order, mirrors, glass in the cabinets, etc.  CLEANING  But it's close.  I can feel it.   I can feel the knots in my tummy as I get out of my routine.  I can feel the madness in my bones as I stress about mess.  

I can feel it.

So, I also felt the need to gab.  That nervous kind of nothing gab where you waste time, and feel better.  The kind you do with your girlfriends that can also mindlessly gab.  :)   I jumped on Adium (for mac users, awesome way to bring all your chat's together) and tried to find Toni to gab with.  My nerves were piling up and I needed to release, but no luck.  She stayed up late, so I'm guessing not touching the computer today.  She was having trouble with a hard drive, so I'm praying no stress there.

So instead, I'm here.  On my blog.  And I'm gabbing.  That means, COFFEE BREAK!  

Last night was the Softball Team Supper before they head to play-offs today.  We thought Kalyn was going to be playing since there was an injury on the team, but it looks like no.  She will still be running and while she's great at that!  Has the cute nick-name and all.  (Wheels)  I would still love to see her hard work pay off in a BIG game way.  That's OK.  I get it Coach Winton.  You don't feel she's ready or better than what you have on the field.  And as her mom, I respectfully disagree.  And I know her time will come.  It still makes me sad.  (collective understanding head nob from all sport moms out there.)  Here's a shot of me and her last night.  Of course I used the TRA Pro-Retouch on my wrinkles and a few of her freckles.  Of course!

Grey's last night was awful and amazing all at the same time.  I've been wanting Alex and Izzie to get together since they had sex back in Season 1 (or was that 2?)  I felt she was the spot of sunshiny happiness that would bring him out of his misery.  I was right.  But come on folks!  I'm a wedding photographer.  I've photographed 100's of weddings, almost 1000,  and there's no way in hell Meredith's gown fit "Izzie-the-Chesty"!  At many of the weddings I'm involved in, they  barely fit the bride they've been fitted for.  So, I definitely hated that part.  And yes, the church was lovely.  And wasn't that just the BEST kiss in TV history to last long enough for background music to play and every single couple have a "moment" during the ceremony?  Lovely.  But HELLO!  Who the hell does that at weddings?  Who?  I try to get shots of the guests interacting and catching each other's eyes during the ceremony but it NEVER happens.  Sure they smile, but linger on each other's necks and nuzzle?  Come on.  (I still loved it, though.  The sappy me, she LOVED it.  :) )

I did adore the part where George came and helped her down the aisle.  That was perfect.  You can have sex with George and break up his marriage, AND still get HOT Alex just because HELLO!  You have cancer.  Poor George.  He should be having the time of his life right now, as a single guy, you know, screwing all the new interns, and instead he's dealing with TRAMA and basically losing himself and his personality to not wanting to be there.  I realize he is leaving the show, I get that.  But come on!  Go out with a bang at least!  Profess your dying love to Izzie on her death bed, or break up your ex-and that stupid named Arizona.  But do something!  Interact with someone!   Don't go out a complete fuzzy memory for this season. I hate that!    Maybe get drunk and make a move on Little Grey, just to mess up her and Mark.  I don't know.

I do love the Christina and McScary story line.  Christina is really coming alive this season and getting her witty bitch back, and I love it!  She's one of my favs on the show and I can't wait to see what they do with her next season!!!!

Not that I wear a lot of makeup anyway, but I definitely can't this week.  My eye won't quit watering and gunking up.  I blame the new anti-aging cream I tried out last weekend.  Yep, I may be allergic to anti-aging.  HA!  But it's painful and it hurts so cold water compress and lots of rubbing later, it's feeling better and seems to be doing better.  

Ladies?  (old ladies) what do you use on your face?  I've been an Oil of Olay girl for years but really want something a little thicker to absorb overnight.  Leave me a comment and let me know.  My face will thank you.  :)

We went and watched the Thirsting with the youth a few weeks ago and he encouraged all the kids to Pray the Rosary, so I started.  Daily.  It doesn't take as long as I though it would, maybe 20 minutes, and it's pretty simple, although I do have to cheat and have the prayer book handy with a diagram to help me out.  Yep.  If there's  leader, I do OK, but solo?  I need cliff notes.

Have a great weekend everyone!